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John Hagel III, John Seely Brown and Lang Davison (2010)
The Power of Pull

Exploring the paradigm shift in business brought about by innovations in communication technology, this collaboration from three consultant-authors provides a succinct metaphor for the shift in the information economy-from "push" to "pull"-but little else. Though they provide an effective survey of the effect of more interactive, ubiquitous and on-demand communication, it already feels dated; the essential messages that Hagel, Brown, and Davison derive-networking is key, you should pursue your passions, many traditional ways of doing business are over-are old news in the business self-help section. The examples they provide focus primarily on individually-driven collaborative efforts (wikis, online gaming) and make poor analogies for someone looking to revitalize a corporation or present a compelling case for change to colleagues or an intransigent CEO. Professionals who already know that the Internet isn't just a phase will need more information than this book provides.
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Can Social Software Improve E-Government?

http://www.govtech.com/e-government/Can-Social-Software-Improve-E-Government.html February 19, 2006 By Wayne Hanson. Today, e-government channels of government access and interaction consist of telephone, fax, Web sites, e-mail, RSS feeds, and cable airings of everything from C-SPAN's coverage of Congress, to the local city council discussion of sewer repairs.
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How Online Social Networks Benefit Organizations

http://www.rheingold.com/Associates/onlinenetworks.html By Lisa Kimball and Howard Rheingold. In order to develop a strategy for its future, an $8-billion energy company needed to identify the forces that would influence its industry. Previously, the company had used outside consultants to conduct a scenario building process with the top 15 corporate officers. Results were disappointing - final reports sat on the shelf. To make a real difference this time, the process had to go deeper and involve more people across the company to get grass-roots buy-in for recommended changes.
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Nine Principles for Making Virtual Communities Work

http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/2.06/vc.principles.html Wired Magazine. Issue 2.06, Jun 1994
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Collaboration Software for Web Community, e-Learning and Extranets

http://www.icohere.com iCohere provides community software and consulting services for building communities of practice and learning communities focused on knowledge sharing, online learning and project collaboration.
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http://www.communitypeople.net/ Online Consultation Software from specialists in eConsultation, eCommunity and eDemocracy.
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Online Messenger Service

http://www.myoms.net/ OMS (Online Messenger Service) is a web service available for everyone who wants to create their own messenger client.
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Quickiwiki, Swiki, Twiki, Zwiki and the Plone Wars

http://www.infotoday.com/searcher/apr03/mattison.shtml Wiki as a PIM and Collaborative Content Tool, by David Mattison, Access Services Archivist British Columbia Archives, Cananda
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Building Communities with Software

http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/BuildingCommunitieswithSo.html Joel Spolsky talks about how software relates to Ray Oldenburg's ideas about how humans need a third place, besides work and home, to meet with friends, have a beer, discuss the events of the day, and enjoy some human interaction.
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Networks, Groups and Catalysts: The Sweet Spot for Forming Online Learning Communities

http://www.fullcirc.com/community/networkscatalystscommunity.htm A look at how web-supported networks can be catalyzed into smaller directed learning groups and communities of practice through catalysts such as events or people.
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Online Community Toolkit

http://www.fullcirc.com/community/communitymanual.htm An online repository from Full Circle Associates of articles, case studies, and musings on online community, virtual community, online interaction and online facilitation. There are sections on thinking and planning your online interaction, facilitation, case studies and links to other resource sites. Always changing. Always needs editing. Grin.
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Stigmergy and stigmergic systems home

http://www.stigmergicsystems.com/ A software company that develops software to help people work with and between information. From the site "Organic stigmergic systems are used to find and disseminate information that cannot easily be categorized or indexed." I haven't looked too closely, but it looks interesting
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Shwing: Art, Peace, Love, Connectivity, Communion, Awareness and Green Tea

Portal to Being -- Inspiring Peace and Understanding through Art and Community

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http://www.orgnet.com/ Social Network Mapping and Measuring Software
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Visual Facilitation: A Humorous Look at Online Life

http://www.fullcirc.com/community/visualfacilitation.htm Full Circle presents a playful visual exploration of online facilitation. How can visuals create a more engaged experience?
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http://www.trellix.com/ Community Building Web Site Software. Dan Bricklin's company. Just teamed up with Blogger..
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Situated and Distributed Knowledge Production in Network Space

http://switch.sjsu.edu/v6n2/articles/wittig.html Geri Wittig about self-organizing networked social systems
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Nonprofits Building Online Communities: Transforming Assumptions Into Success

http://www.benton.org/publibrary/practice/community/assumptions.html Companies budget huge sums to perfect online community strategies as they seek to build customer relationships that create loyal consumers. In a nonprofit context, the "customer" takes the form of a constituent, advocate, grantee, funder, member, board member, or citizen.
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Peer-to-Peer DevCenter

http://www.oreillynet.com/p2p/ Suddenly, all manner of companies are declaring themselves P2P. So what exactly is P2P? This O'Reilly Network service gives a good insight into this, with useful things like a directory of P2P companies
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http://virtualcommunities.start4all.com/ This is a great collection of links about virtual communities, communities of practice, cyberculture, learning communities, etc.
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Communities of Practice

http://www.co-i-l.com/coil/knowledge-garden/cop/index.shtml The Community Intelligence Labs crew offers community practitioners these webpages as a meeting place, in which we can accelerate the spread of best practices and share points of view on tough issues.
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Connecting: The Promise of Interactive Websites and Online Community

http://www.fullcirc.com/connecting.htm Online connections and online community can provide us bridges between ideas, cultures, worlds, time and space. Nancy White explores the meaning of connections.
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Facilitating and Hosting a Virtual Community

http://www.fullcirc.com/community/communityfacilitation.htm Online communities and virtual workgroups do not always "happen" spontaneously. Usually they require care and nurturing. Nancy White discuss the concept of online facilitation.
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Facilitation FAQ

http://www.co-i-l.com/coil/knowledge-garden/vcfaq/facfaq1.shtml George Pór of Community Intelligence Labs has written an excellent FAQ on roles and responsibilities in online groups in which he lists the key roles in facilitating online forums and describes the responsibilities of each.
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Lisa Kimball

http://www.tmn.com/~lisa/ Managing Virtual Teams; Developing the Team's Communications Strategy; Team Effectiveness Strategies; Choosing Media for Team Communication; Ten Key Elements to Manage to Make Virtual Teams More Effective; Boundaryless Facilitation, ...
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