10 Movies Made Better By Studio Interference (That Ruined The Director’s Vision), According To Reddit


Interference in the studios happens all the time, and it’s mostly because the studios think they have better ideas than the director, and David Ayer always talks about his cut of suicide squad. It has been endlessly reported how Warner Bros. drastically changed the 2016 film to appeal more broadly to mainstream audiences, and as a result, fans think there’s a much better cut there.

Studio interference has negative connotations, as directors are often seen as visionaries and artists whose ideas can’t be wrong. But some examples prove the exact opposite, as there have been many times when studios have stepped in and prevented filmmakers from doing what they wanted, and it worked out for the best.


ten American History X (1998)

The police arrive to arrest Derek in American History X.

Post-production issues with American history x have been well documented. Director Tony Kaye and actor Edward Norton wanted two very different films, and it got to the point where Kaye was even kicked out of the editing room and the actor was given the final cut.

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Future_shoes notes that in addition to adding more footage and focusing more on Derek’s story arc, Norton removed “the original ending of Derek shaving his head (implying he returned to his neo-Nazi ways)”. Even though it would have only lasted a few seconds, this shot would have had a massive impact on the meaning of the film in such a negative way.

9 Dredd (2012)

Karl Urban in Dredd

Dred is one of the best non-superhero and criminally overlooked comic book movies. Though it’s garnered a cult following since then, the film was unfairly bombarded at the box office when it was released in 2012. But despite its current overwhelmingly positive reception, the reboot may have ended up looking more like the famed 1995 directed by Sylvester Stallone. Judge Drdd.

A deleted user notes post-production issues and the dispute between director Pete Travis and writer/producer Alex Garland. The user explains that the director “was kicked out of the editing room of Dred by producers and executives, and Alex Garland handled post-production to such a degree that he had ample grounds for a co-director credit.” Dred actor Karl Urban sides with the Redditor, who claims that Garland actually directed the film.

8 Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005)

Mr and Mrs Smith Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt

Volcano_Tequila reminds users of the troubled production that Doug Liman-directed action rom-com Mr. and Mrs. Smith crossed. The Redditor notes: “I remember reading this Mr. and Mrs. Smithstarring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, was a director’s mess completely saved by massive re-editing.” Another Redditor, Hey_Bim, claims that Liman has no involvement in the making of the action sequences.

Although it sounds like a wild claim, a Los Angeles Times report mentions that many of his colleagues claim that Liman “owes a great debt on each of his films to the others who worked alongside him”. There is a Mr and Mrs Smith reboot in the works, but it seems to be struggling to avoid the same missteps of the film it’s based on, as Phoebe Waller-Bridge recently parted ways with the project for unknown reasons.

seven The Matrix (1999)

Keanu Reeves as Neo in The Matrix

The matrix is an action movie classic and one of the most influential movies ever made, but there’s an argument to be made that might not have been the way people watch the movie if the studio had not intervened. Darth_Nevets argues that “studio interference made the first film a classic by forcing the Wachowskis to do a basic skill in their craft”.

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The Redditor then claims that the sequels are much worse because the directors have more freedom and don’t receive any studio notes. The only sure thing is that Warner Bros. certainly did not interfere with The Matrix Resurrectionsbecause the studio let itself be the villain of the film.

6 Justice League (2017)

Superman at the end of Justice League 2017

This might be an unpopular opinion, as most fans would argue that the studio-interfered theatrical cut is much worse than Zack Snyder’s Justice League. However, Ashu54 maintains that Warner Bros. hiring Joss Whedon to add a dash of MCU flair and humor was the right move.

While they admit the CGI was butchered, the Redditor argues that “in some aspects like the team banter, Superman’s characterization, and overall plot” were all improved when the studio stepped in. With 2021’s four-hour cut now available on HBO Max, it’s unlikely many fans will revisit the 2017 version, but it’s more in line with Marvel Studios’ tone.

5 Alien 3 (1992)

It’s not quite studio interference with the creatives, but since movie actors start to gain a lot of power when they become a major part of a movie franchise, it certainly matters. MasqureMan notes: “Apparently Sigourney Weaver really wanted an alien and a human to connect to Alien 3but the studio shot it down (thankfully).”

However, while that bad idea didn’t make it into the David Fincher-directed film, many other bad ideas did, and the film is a significant step up from Extraterrestrial and aliens. Not only that, but there were other studio interferences that were actually detrimental to the quality of the film, as even Fincher hates the film.

4 Final Destination (2000)

Alex panics and tries to leave the plane in Final Destination

Final destination tells the story of a group of teenagers who cheat death when they escape an explosion on a plane after one of them has a premonition. However, they are then killed one by one by Death himself. JC-Ice recalls: “The filmmakers wanted to call it Flight 180, and it originally had a happy ending. There would have been no franchise if they had done that.”

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Like the first Final destination takes place on a plane, the alternate title makes sense, but it doesn’t exactly lend itself to an anthology franchise. And although the Final destination the movies are of variable quality, it was a smart move by the studio to rename the first movie, otherwise there probably wouldn’t have been four sequels.

3 First Blood (1982)

Sylvester Stallone as Rambo in First Blood

first blood is a skinny 90-minute film that’s thrilling from start to finish, but Fools_Requiem reminds users that wasn’t always the case. The editor explains:first blood was initially a 3.5 hour disaster of a film before Stallone, fearing it would end his career, cut it down to 93 minutes.

Cutting a few scenes here and there from a movie is perfectly normal, but cutting two hours is almost unheard of, and when that usually happens, the movie turns out to be an incoherent mess. But in this case, it was for the best and the first Rambo film ended up becoming an all-time classic.

2 Thief One (2016)

Darth Vader in Rogue One

Regarding the film directed by Gareth Edwards A thugmany think it’s a great movie in a bad franchise, at least as far as the latest Disney goes star wars movies. But that may not have been the case, as Fortyfivesouth notes that the film was “allegedly shot by Tony Gilroy”. The film was not completely remade, but Gilroy did many reshoots of the film. And while it’s unclear what he revived, according to Colliderhe claimed the film was in “terrible, terrible trouble” before it was returned.

Disney struggled to produce star wars movies, but A thug is not the only one star wars film that the studio interfered for the better. Producer Kathleen Kennedy fired Solo: A Star Wars Story directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, as, according to Independentthey made Han Solo look like Ace Ventura.

1 Tombstone (1993)

tombstone on hulu

George P. Cosmatos is the official director of the 1993 western tomb stone, but many believe it was actually actor Kurt Russell who did all the directing on set, which is why it turned out as good as he did. KingCornell shines a light on the history of film production.

The Redditor explains, “The initial director was a first-time director who couldn’t handle the pressures of the job, so they hired George P. Cosmatos who is credited as director.” The user refers to Kevin Jarre, the film’s screenwriter, who was hired to direct, but was replaced by Cosmatos when he felt too overwhelmed. But according to The Hollywood ReporterRussell claims he did all the directing, and that claim is also backed up by his co-star Val Kilmer.

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