92.9 Game Studio Receives ‘All Clear’ After Nearby Active Shooter Arrested


During Boomer & Gio On WFAN Monday, it was revealed that Gregg Giannotti used to periodically text co-host Boomer Esiason while he was on the air for The NFL today on CBS.

After Esiason said he frequently texted New York Mets TV analyst Ron Darling during broadcasts, the former Pro Bowl quarterback said someone was texting him during a broadcast was something he had experienced.

“It also happened to me all the time, when I was making games,” Esiason explained. “Even with NFL Today, I get texts if Phil (Simms) isn’t wearing the right outfit or something. Or my suit is too tight. Whatever. And you text me for The NFL today.”

Giannotti then said he didn’t text his co-host during his CBS pregame duties after an unfortunate message.

“I try but you didn’t like the one time I did. You came on Monday and said ‘I really wish you would leave me alone’. You said it on air. So I haven’t done it since that day. I did, however. Because I think it’s cool when you say ‘Okay’. This guy is on TV. I can reach it now! It’s cool ?!””

“It happens a lot,” added Boomer.

Esiason later said he texted Darling during broadcasts because he wanted to be involved because the Mets were having a good season filled with “buzz” while the Yankees were currently lacking that same “buzz”.

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