A crazy camera causes chaos live!


We all have embarrassing moments at work, but most of us don’t have to deal with them live on TV. Two ABC news anchors recently had to think twice after one of the cameras got a mind of its own live on the air.

Michael Rowland and Lisa Millar were presenting the breakfast show when the camera went rogue, losing its focal point and swerving into the corner.

Like true professionals, Rowland and Millar continued with the storyline despite the camera not facing them at the start of the series. As he moved in their direction, he then seemed to be tilting towards the ground, struggling to position himself.

Shedding some light on the conversation, co-host Rowland asked Millar, “should we kneel Lisa?” The news anchor then shared the short video clip on his Twitter Account.

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The slightly embarrassing technical difficulty made Friday morning news more entertaining than your average show, and it certainly put a smile on the presenter’s face. As the camera seemed to take over, the presenters continued the show with Rowland remarking, “We’re going to rise to the occasion and may I just say happy 90th birthday ABC take it away, Lisa”.

ABC News is an Australia-based news channel covering both local and global affairs and is produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. While this error may have caused a slight embarrassment, it is surely nothing that will be remembered for long.

The cause of the glitch is unknown. It was a Friday after all and maybe the camera or its operator had just had a long week. Hopefully the weekend will provide the required relaxation and next week’s breakfast shows will run smoothly and smoothly as ABC recently beat breakfast show Nine’s Today daily in a week after more than 13 years.

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