A French blockchain game studio plays in 10 million dollars


Investments have flowed into the metaverse world and blockchain games are now gaining traction. As gaming enters this new era of mass connectivity and digital ownership of playable assets, the Paris-based blockchain gaming studio Come raised $10 million in funding. The new money will allow users to own yield-generating NFTs, integrating both DeFi and NFT functionality into a single gaming experience.

The funding round was led by a venture capital firm White Star Capitalgaming giant Ubisoft and DeFi group Participation capital with the participation of Serena Capital, Shima Capital and IDEO Colab Ventures.

Along with the funding round, the blockchain game studio also rolled out its second title, Cometh Battle. Its first game, which was built on Polygon, garnered more than 10,000 players, according to the company.

The French blockchain-based startup creates games that can seamlessly connect to DeFi protocols with a suite of crypto-based tools.

Founder of Cometh Jerome of Tychey said, “Gaming is entering a new era of mass connectivity and digital ownership of playable assets. Our team creates games that explore the new possibilities offered by blockchain technology as well as the tools to improve traditional games with it.

The platform has also offered its technology to help brands showcase non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Artist Helena Hauss will use Cometh to exhibit her work at the Venice Biennale exhibition, for example.

“Gaming today touches many verticals including social media, e-commerce, entertainment and DeFi. Cometh is building a true end-to-end gaming platform powering the next generation of play-to-games. -earn”, Sep Alavigeneral partner, concluded White Star Capital.

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