A new studio in Hyderabad in sight?

For quite some time now, Hyderabad has been the most sought-after filming location in the country. Films from many other language industries in India are constantly shot in the city thanks to studios like Annapurna, Ramanaidu, Sarathi and Ramoji Film City. According to the sources, another well-known film family is about to open a new studio in Hyderabad.

The upcoming film starring Thalapathy Vijay is being produced by renowned Telugu producer “Dil” Raju, who has recently become an all-India producer with Telugu, Hindi and Tamil films. The filming of the same went very quickly. For the upcoming program, the producers are creating a huge set in Shamshabad, and construction of the set is underway. We learned that “Dil” Raju owns the land the set is built on.

According to our sources, the intriguing news is that “Dil” Raju’s daughter, Hanshitha Reddy, who has just become a producer under the name “Dil Raju Productions”, wants to build her own film studios on this property. If the reports are accurate, the studio should be top notch considering “Dil” Raju’s taste and attention to detail. We are awaiting official confirmation of the same from the family. In terms of efforts, “Vaarisu,” the first Tamil-language production by “Dil” Raju as a producer, is set for a 2023 pongal release.

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