Abandoned studio thanks Kojima for ‘openly addressing conspiracy theories’



Blue Box Game Studios, the developer of the horror game Abandoned, has thanked Hideo Kojima for publicly responding to long-running speculation that he was involved in the vapourware project.

Earlier this week Kojima has broken his silence on being linked to the project on his podcast, Brain Structure, in a bid to put to rest months of rumors that the creator of Metal Gear was the secret mastermind behind the controversial game.

“We would like to thank @Kojima_Hideo for openly addressing the conspiracies,” Blue Box tweeted. “This has been a burden and uncool for fans and developers. We hope everyone can shut this down for good.

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Kojima claimed on his podcast that fans spam his Twitter feed daily with memes and deepfake images relating to Abandoned. “They still send me collages and deeply fake images, like twenty a day, it’s really a hell of a nuisance. “, did he declare Game rewards Creator Geoff Keighley during the podcast.

Blue Box also asked fans to stop contacting Kojima about the project, tweeting, “Furthermore, we ask fans to stop harassing Hideo Kojima regarding the dropped posts. It’s not acceptable and it’s not entertaining.

Speculation that Kojima is linked to Abandoned has generated significant buzz for Blue Box and a project of which nothing resembling gameplay has been seen.

Last year, the founder of Blue Box Hasan Kahraman appeared on camera to debunk theories that he was actually Kojima working on a silent Hill Game.

“I just wanted to do a really quick video to show myself, [and] that I am a real person,” he said. “I’m not really associated with Hideo Kojima, not an actor, I don’t work on Silent Hill, so yeah, I just wanted to show you my face and that I’m real, and hopefully we’ll do a Q&A soon .”

Kojim said on his podcast this week, “I’ve never spoken with Hasan, the game isn’t out yet. I don’t think he can do or say much at this point. But if he releases the game, maybe people will understand, so maybe he should hurry to release it.

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