ABI Game Studio backed NFT platform ABI Galaverse was released in February 2022



Blockchain and NFT games platform ABI Galaverse will be released by the end of this month. It is backed by ABI Game Studio and is expected to create a slew of new GameFI development opportunities for developers around the world, Bankless Times learned in a press release.

Over 2 billion downloads on Google Play and the App Store

ABI Game Studio has over 2 billion downloads on Google Play and App Store. He made an important decision to introduce a platform dedicated to blockchain and NFT games.

Galaxy Attack Revolution: the flagship offer

The first game in this ecosystem is Galaxy Attack Revolution. He was promoted to Times Square in New York. ABI Galaverse has a fully integrated and decentralized marketplace, where users can trade NFTs and seamlessly integrate with game inventory.

ABI Galaverse’s NFT Galaxy Attack Revolution game allows players to take part in space wars. There are many variations of NFT as well as flexible game modes, allowing players to have fun and help them find valuable in-game rewards.

Benefits of ABI Galaverse

ABI Galaverse has the following advantages according to its creators:

Synchronization: NFT/Blockchain games on ABI Galaverse have features, and digital assets are synchronized and exchangeable with each other.

Durability: ABI Galaverse is built on a solid system, ensuring the continuity of services on this platform.

Similar economic system: Assist players in their quest for financial gain in the global market.

Opening: It allows the game development community to participate in the development of NFTs / Blockchain games on this platform

Supportability: Support specification and ecosystem for NFTs/Blockchain game development

Its own native token on BSC

ABI Galaverse’s native ABI token is BEP-20 compliant, which means it runs on Binance Smart Chain. The ecosystem can integrate with games. Anyone can use the ABI token it contains.

The ecosystem also supports participating developers by providing SDKs to develop blockchain or NFT games. They chose Verichains as their blockchain audit partner for backend security and all smart contract development.

Chinh Do, CEO of ABI Galaverse, commented:

ABI Galaverse has been prepared over a year with experienced blockchain programmers and it will have its own blockchain department.

Surfing on a dominant trend

NFTs and blockchain technology have been gaining momentum for quite some time. Blockchains like BSC, Ethereum, and Solana have seen massive growth with thousands of dApps successfully developed.

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