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RGB can be a polarizing subject. Some people love to add more colorful lighting to their setup, and some might think it’s an eyesore. But whatever your opinion, Govee has provided some great accessories and options for anyone looking to paint their spaces in color. Check out the guide for the latest and greatest from Govee. On top of everything from immersive TV backlighting to car kits, the Govee Glide wall light is just one of the newer offerings that easily attaches to a wall to bring out some color. Be sure to watch the video below to see all the details.

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Quick overview

Basically, the Glide wall light is a customizable 6-section RGB light that can be controlled via an app, Alexa, or Google Assistant. At $ 90, the Glide wall sconce is a bit more expensive than Govee’s light strips, but it serves a much different purpose.

Plastic diffusers cover the lights and make them better as a light facing a room instead of hiding behind an object for an ambient glow. This makes it more of a nano-leaf type light.

The six pieces can snap together in different configurations and line up with a single 90-degree connector for neat framing options.

Out of the box

To get the Glide wall light out of the box, we have documentation like the user manual and a quick start guide. Then the six LED tubes and the 90 degree connector are the lighting hardware when plugged into the controller and power adapter.

Govee Glide wall lamp: video

To install

Govee simplifies the installation of the Glide wall light. On the back of each light strip section are Velcro control strips. Govee suggests installing one segment at a time, starting with the furthest room. You may want to measure or hold the pieces before installation just to get an idea of ​​where you want the lights to line up. The good thing about velcro control bands, however, is that you can easily replace them if you have issues with mounting and need to readjust.

Simply remove the backing from the adhesive and stick it to the wall. I used a level just to make sure my lines were even.

Then grab the next segment, remove the backing and paste it. Each part must be able to clip onto the part already installed. Sometimes it took a bit of shaking to get it to fit together properly.

When you are ready to round a corner, use the part to make a 90 degree turn and install the remaining parts. Then clip in the controller and plug in the AC adapter.

Govee app

To control the Glide wall light, first download the Govee app. Follow the simple instructions to add a new light.

Once connected, the Govee app opens up a world of different ways to control the Glide wall light. At the top you can quickly turn the strip on or off, and directly below are controls for brightness, timer, and an effects lab.

Drilling down further, there are four major categories of color modes. First there is the music, then the color, the stage and finally the crafts.

Music mode will react to sound in different ways depending on the setting. There are two different mic settings – visuals can be synced to your phone or a built-in microphone in the wall light. There are six different responsive modes which can range from full blinking to small beams of light following from one end of the wall light to the other.

With color mode, you can select all individual segments and set them to a specific color. There are a lot of possibilities here, but the setup also takes more time than just selecting one of the preset scenes.

Scene mode can have the most individual options. There are subtle settings like sunset glow in the Natural tab and more active modes like meteor.


Govee does not give any specifications on the lighting of the Glide wall light, but it does get very bright in my opinion. In a sunny room, it will not illuminate the entire space but is clearly visible. At night it is very bright and will light up an entire dimly lit room.

Voice command

Another cool feature is the ability to control the Glide wall light with Alexa or Google Assistant. I’ve found that you need to be pretty specific with the names you call the different scenes, but that way if you have an Echo or other device nearby, it’s easy to quickly change the color or mood without the app or a remote control.

Taking from 9to5Toys

Overall, the Govee is an easy to install and use wall light that captures a unique look. It’s more versatile than a bare LED strip with built-in diffusion and can easily live behind a monitor or other room to add accent lighting to your room. At $ 90 there are certainly cheaper options for RGB lighting, but if you want to add a customizable tubular light to your wall with a wide variety of controls, then there isn’t much like the sconce. Govee Glide wall mural.

Redeem code RDFQMEYJ at checkout on Amazon to save $ 20 on the Govee Glide wall light

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