AEXLAB, a VR development studio, announces an NFT drop to merge the blockchain with the metaverse.


By creating NFTs of their in-game pets, AEXLAB becomes the first project to successfully introduce a true VR metaverse into the blockchain world

Miami, Florida, November 15, 2021 – AEXLAB is a virtual reality game development studio focused exclusively on VR technology and creating bottom-up metaverse experiences. They will soon be launching an NFT line with the aim of officially introducing VR into the blockchain ecosystem. The project has already raised over $ 1 million on Start Engine, and the number continues to grow.

AEXLAB’s goal is to bring together the worlds of NFTs and Virtual Reality to create whole new experiences and offer a whole new level of engagement to NFTs. Their first NFT drop will be a series of unique, AI-generated 3D virtual reality pets known as VAILIENS that will be created for users in the upcoming tactical first-person shooter game. company, VAIL VR. They will partner with Metagoutte in order to release the tokens.

VAILIANS are loyal pets to VAIL VR players who respond to their touch, can take commands, and learn new skills over time. There are other benefits to owning a VAILIEN NFT as well, including the ability to participate in Alpha and Beta testing, as well as membership in the VAIL VR Social Club, an exclusive group of dedicated gamers who have direct contact with the creators and thus have their say in the game. development.

VAILIENS will be fully transferable, with a limited supply of 13,370 tokens. The first 10,000 will be sold in a live auction on the Metadrop platform on November 30. Early supporters (1,500) and community development efforts will receive the remaining NFTs (1,070). On, users can register to participate in the sale starting November 15.

VAIL VR’s multiplayer servers will be operational on November 26. Players equipped with a VR headset can join our Discord server and request access through Steam by Googling VAIL VR. Various VAILIEN breeds will be auctioned off in six separate auctions from November 30 to December 2. For regular updates and prices, follow us on Twitter.


Founded in 2015, Miami-based AEXLAB is a virtual reality technology studio leveraging the latest technologies to create whole new immersive experiences. The company has created bespoke virtual reality solutions for a diverse client list, including Red Bull, the American Institute of Architects, and Epic Games. AEXLAB is currently developing VAIL VR – a competitive tactical first-person VR shooter game combining cutting-edge VR technologies with social gaming and blockchain technologies.

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