After a long period without updates, Leikir Studio and Dotemu reveal that the Metal Slug tactic has been delayed until 2023


Metal Slug Tactics will not be released this year, Dotemu said Thursday morning via Twitter. The tactical game will instead debut in 2023 and be “as explosive as it gets”.

Metal Slug Tactics brings cartoonish side-scrolling to the world of XCOM-like strategy games for the first time since it was first introduced at Summer Games Fest the previous year. Players will command a group of characters named Marco, Eri, Fio, and Tarma as they go on missions to kill soldiers and blow up tanks. As Studio claims, the game will be more than just a tactics game and will have “roguelike features”, but it’s not yet clear exactly how.

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Prior to its 1996 merger with SNK Corporation, Nazca Corporation created the first installment of the Metal Slug series as a 2D action series. As they fend off military, alien, and zombie assaults, a group of troops are tracked in the TV series. Run-and-gun gameplay and shoot-em-up techniques make up the gameplay of this series, best recognized by the incredibly detailed pixel art that has characterized it from the start.

Although the delays to Metal Slug Tactics and Firaxis Games’ upcoming Marvel’s Midnight Suns were announced earlier this week, strategy RPG fans still have a lot to look forward to this year.

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For this reason, the Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp of nintendo and WayForward, which was supposed to launch in April, has been postponed indefinitely and may not even arrive in 2022.

Either way, Metal Slug Tactics is shaping up to be an exciting and inventive blend of tactical RPG gameplay with the distinctive visual flair that SNK’s acclaimed series is known for; Giving it more time to cook can only be a good thing given how fantastic the gameplay teasers have been.

On PC and Nintendo Switch in 2023, Metal Slug Tactics will be available.

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