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Critically acclaimed director Suresh Triveni partners with one of India’s leading producers, Abundantia Entertainment, to create and produce content across all mediums.

Following its premiere on Amazon Prime Video on March 18, 2022, the thrilling drama-thriller jalsa made headlines. The picture made an impactful connection with audiences and received outstanding praise from critics and fans around the world, thanks to its gripping storyline, top-notch performances, and flawless direction. Following the success of the film, Suresh Triveni, the filmmaker, announced the establishment of ‘Opening Image’, his creative studio and production company, which will be funded by Vikram Malhotra’s Abundantia Entertainment.

Suresh Triveni’s “Opening Image” plan is to bring together a strong team of talent from all departments, with a clear focus on content development for movies and shows. Opening Image will be a complete entity capable of working from concept to screen. Suresh’s next directing projects, as well as the content he is set to show, are already in the works at the newly established company. The creation facility will also house a one-of-a-kind script lab, allowing creators to flesh out their concepts with the best writers and creative minds available.

Opening Image plans to collaborate with studios and platforms that share its goal of bringing high-quality stories to screens of all shapes and sizes, regardless of language or genre.

Abundantia Entertainment’s commitment to supporting and empowering its creative partners, as well as nurturing high-potential talent, is demonstrated by its support of Suresh Triveni’s efforts.

Suresh Triveni, delighted with the launch of Opening Image, said, “The idea of ​​’Opening Image’ is to enable talent – writers, filmmakers, technicians. to deliver new, exclusive and original stories tailored to viewers across the world. world. The vision behind Opening Image is to curate disruptive stories and provide a platform for creators, especially young talent, to bring out their best. I’m excited to extend my partnership with Abundantia Entertainment and Vikram at the next level and in them I found the right funders for my eyesight.”

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