Age of Empires IV Season Two is live with new camera, map selection and more features


It’s been three months since the Season 1 update last arrived age of empires entry by Relic Entertainment, and on schedule, fans can now jump into the second season. Dubbed Season 2: Map Monsters, this major Age of Empires IV The update contains new features such as a map preferences system, a new ranked season, a new camera mode and much more.

Initially, the much-requested map preference system works like this. When matchmaking in Quick Match or Ranked, players can now assign which cards from the available pool will be chosen to play. Players can “vote down” cards they’d rather not play on, and once the game has checked the opponent’s values, a card with the fewest votes down will be selected for the round.

Map preference system

At the same time, hotkey customization has been improved once again. Now, Relic allows players to completely disable the grid layout’s hotkey system, making each key independently assignable to any action. Even conflicting hotkeys are now allowed.

The studio has also introduced a new camera setting named Panoramic, which players can select from the original Classic setting through the options. As zooming out of the camera would have created issues with unit selection and readability, the new camera features a more top-down angle that is said to “improve gameplay feel, battlefield clarity, and base management.” .

See the difference between Classic (Before) and Panoramic (After) styles below:

Meanwhile, those who want to embark on the brilliant campaign missions present in Age of Empires IV no longer need to go through all four historical scenarios in order. With this change, all single player campaign missions can now be played in any order.

Other changes included in the update include custom team color selection, a new open map for multiplayer titled The Pit, as well as more streamlined alerts and minimap notifications to reduce the redundant number of pings.

Relic also made a massive toll across all civilizations, maps, AI, modding tools, and other areas. Find it full patch notes here. Age of Empires IV Season Two: Map Monsters is now available for players on Steam and Microsoft Store (PC Game Pass).

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