Alchemy Stars 1st Anniversary Celebration with Tourdog Studio


Today the hit JRPG, The stars of alchemy, celebrates its first anniversary, and they’re off to a great start, including a huge update that will bring new gameplay, characters, and in-game prizes!

Developed by Tourdog Studio and published by Level Infinite, Alchemy Stars is a mobile JRPG with rave reviews for Android. The game is known for its expansive storyline coupled with thrilling RPG combat and anime-inspired art. After a successful year on mobile, the game developers expect a bright future for The stars of alchemy.

To kick off the anniversary, we sat down with Art Director, Tourdog, and Lead Designer, 577, to talk about what makes Alchemy Stars come out. But first, here’s a sneak peek at a brand new video from Tourdog Studio and Infinite Level to celebrate The stars of alchemy first birthday:

CGM Magazine: What made Alchemy Stars such an engaging game that people can get into?

577, Lead Designer: I think everyone on the team on this project did their job with heart and soul. Our entire team encourages and emphasizes personal expression. No one on the team likes things that lack originality. We firmly believe that only when developers are fully dedicated and pay more attention to thought and self-expression in their design can they deliver their message to gamers and create a product that resonates with them. .

CGM magazine: How it works Alchemy Stars different from many other games like this currently on mobile?

577: We do not deliberately seek to be different. We just refused to use second-hand content, and hoped to add the team’s self-expression to the design. This will naturally make the game unique and personalized. Everyone will benefit from a new experience of the game, whether it’s the art style, the gameplay or the storytelling.

CGM magazine: What are the big things planned for Alchemy Stars now that it is an established mobile IP?

Tourdog, artistic director: It’s still not good enough for what I’d like to present to everyone. It might be my greed as a creator (laughs), but we’ll keep working hard both in and out of the game.

CGM magazine: Are there any crossovers planned for fans of the franchise to get excited about?

Watch dog : We found an IP address that matches well with Alchemy Starsand I think everyone will be able to see it for themselves very soon!

CGM magazine: How did you find the unique visual look of the game?

Watch dog : We created the visuals based on my preferences and those of my team members!

The characters were all sketched and assembled by several studio designers. In fact, the first concept we came up with was the “Colossus”. After designing this huge, mechanical and organic flying creature, we thought there should also be an earthly colossus like Lepidoz. And step by step we designed the world of Alchemy Stars and its various factions.

When the general framework of the Factions was gradually established, and the geographical, political and human characteristics of each Faction became clearer, the group of characters belonging to each Faction also emerged naturally, and all that remained was to determine typical and atypical characters. For example, if Illumina is full of warriors who place a high value on military discipline and honor, then there are bound to be very passionate and charismatic leaders, as well as combat fanatics and rebels who are very resistant to discipline.

Another example would be Rediesel Wrench which consists of a group of bandits who are lawless, simple and unrefined, but more human. Thinking about this, the image of Sinsa came to me immediately. At the same time, sensitive and considerate characters have also been included to make Rediesel Wrench an interesting faction.

The first concept design of the Eclipsites was given to a designer I really liked. What I really love is that it’s beyond humans and creatures, but uniquely beautiful, which I wanted to convey to everyone through Eclipse and Eclipsites. When designing them later, we wanted to add something new and exciting to Eclipsites, so we did our best to leave a strong impression with high-level Eclipsites.

Alchemy Stars 1st Anniversary Celebration with Tourdog Studio

CGM magazine: The game’s story was written by Tadashi Satomi, known for the Character Series. How has this story evolved as the game changes from year to year?

577: To clarify, Tadashi Satomi is not our editor.

It mainly focuses on the balance between hot-blooded story and unconventional details, hoping to fulfill everyone’s expectations for the main plot as much as possible. We also paid attention to shaping the main characters of each chapter and better building empathy between players and game characters. only on the content of some event activities, in the hope that the content of the game can complement each other.

CGM magazine: What does the team behind Alchemy Stars to make sure they keep the series fresh with so many people playing daily?

577: The no. 1 development challenge for each event is to bring the best experience to players. Under this premise, we often define a theme for release activities at the earliest stage and use it as the focal point of our overall design. The theme affects all aspects of the campaign, including art style, plot style, campaign design, and combat design. The design of the various game mechanics and elements should be based on the principle of ensuring fun. In order to better express this intention, we strive to fully explain and unify the theme in all its aspects.

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