Alison Wonderland reveals the cover and title of her third studio album, “Loner”


Alison Wonderland reveals the cover and title of her third studio album, “Loner”

For what will be his third studio album, and the first since ‘Awake’ in 2018, alison wonderland has just unveiled the cover and that his album will be titled ‘Solitary’and it’s coming soon.

His last two singles ‘Fuck U Love U’ and “Fear of dying” are expected to feature on the album, which total 3.6 million and 1.3 million streams respectively on Spotify. Alison Wonderland flushed ‘Fuck U Love U’ on all of his live sets at some of the world’s biggest festivals, including Beyond Wonderland, Lollapalooza and Las Vegas Electric Daisy Carnival. The track also received phenomenal radio support from ILLENIUM and Valentino Khan These last months. According to 1001Tracklists, “Fear of dying” was only aired on radio shows; the two aforementioned artists performed it, as did fellow Aussie Timmy Trumpet.

The cover of ‘Solitary’ features Alison Wonderland’s face, which is illustrated with a cloud surrounding her head and covering her eyes. The contrast between its deep blue silhouette and the sky, and the striking color of the setting dusk, is quite fascinating, and only intrigues us further as to what ‘Solitary’ will offer.

The album’s third single, ‘New day’ also dropped with an accompanying music video, where Alison stars as “Laser shooting cowgirl turning bad guys into flowers.” Alison Wonderland still has dates left on her “I’m not quite ready to share my album title or artwork yet” tour (which is kind of ironic now!) last scheduled in June; dates and tickets can be found here. She is also a headliner and plays exclusively at Miami Ultra Music Festival as part of Miami Music Week in a few weeks.

We can’t wait for Alison Wonderland’s ‘Loner’ to come out, we’ll be sure to let you know when it comes out!

Image credit: Alison Wonderland (via Facebook)

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