Amarillo’s first selfie studio, Dwalls Studio, opens to the public


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – A nationwide trend has finally made its way to Amarillo, a one-of-a-kind selfie studio that recently opened.

Selfie studios have become all the rage across the country as they provide a fun and creative outlet for people of all ages.

For co-owners Izik and Ana, this was the kind of environment they wanted Dwalls Studio to have.

“As a creator here at local Amarillo, we wanted to bring something that a big city has in our own city, in our own community,” said Izik Ochoa, co-owner of Dwalls Studio. So when we thought about creating, taking good photos, everyone takes photos and selfies these days, so we thought that would be the best fit for Amarillo.

“We wanted to bring something fun, creative and something the whole community could enjoy inside with their kids or as adults. So something fun for everyone, ”said Ana Ibarra, co-owner of Dwalls Studio.

After reversing the pandemic and undergoing 8 months of construction, Dwalls Studio was finally able to have its grand opening.

With over 20 themed walls, Dwalls Studio has something for every designer. Whether you’re a business owner snapping photos of your product, looking to take family photos, or just want to take some fun selfies.

“So what you can expect is just a super relaxed, super fun environment, you can come and take pictures on your cell phone, on your camera. You don’t need a professional photographer, you don’t need to be a professional to take pictures as long as you have a cellphone, you can enter and you will have more than 20 backgrounds with different types of lights, colors, and textures, ”Ibarra said.

“You get out of reality a little bit, and you’re just super present and you create. I mean we can’t light up the word create anymore and that’s what we want to push,” Ochoa said.

The studio is currently preparing their Christmas installations and in addition to targeting every big party, plans to change up to five walls every three to four months.

“We’re already taking out all the Christmas supplies, we’re ready to buy Christmas trees, everything,” Ochoa said. “There is a lot going on, so we want you to come to our doors to experience it.”

Located on SW 34th and Georgia Street, Dwalls Studio hopes to live up to its motto “Walls that inspire you to create” … providing a safe, fun and creative space for the entire community.

Tickets are sold in line in hourly slots and costs $ 25 for adults, $ 15 for children 3 to 13, and free for children under three.

For more information on timetables, rules and reservations you can visit Dwalls Studio website or follow them on all their social media platforms @dwallsstudio (Facebook & Instagram).

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