Amazon is planning a Ring Camera TV show


Of Deadline:

Wanda Sykes knocking on the door of syndication with a new series that features videos taken from Ring doorbells.

The comedian must animate Nation Ring, a new twist on the popular clip show genre, from MGM Television, Live DP producer Big Fish Entertainment and Ring.

The series, which will launch on September 26, will feature viral videos shared by people from their video doorbells and smart home cameras.

I don’t know why they don’t just call it America’s Funniest Domestic Surveillance Capitalism.

To be fair, Ring did some improvements to their privacy policies in recent years; I guess it should also be noted that many other home security cameras have similar policies (even if they don’t like warm relations with law enforcement).

All that being said: I hate it.

But here’s the real kicker, courtesy of Kevin Purdy at Ars-Technica:

Nation ring the producer Big Fish is also, incidentally, the producer of Live DP, the detective series was canceled after the murder of George Floyd and the resulting protests, but the show was recently relaunched.

Wanda Sykes to Host Syndicated Viral Video Show Using MGM’s Ring Doorbell Technology [Peter White / Deadline]

Amazon studio plans lightweight show of Ring surveillance footage [Kevin Purdy / Ars Technica]

Image: public domain via Wikimedia Commons

(Full disclosure: I linked above to a few different Wirecutter articles, written by Rachel Cericola; I also write for Wirecutter, which is part of the New York Times Company.)

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