An Unforgivable On-Set Snowstorm Meant To Bend All The Studio Rules


According to an excerpt from an article published in the now-defunct American film magazine Premiere (via Cinephilia and Beyond), the “Unforgiven” crew had been filming for about a month when, one Saturday night on set, they learned that local weather reports predicted 12 inches of snow on Monday and freezing rain for the rest of the week.

It was the worst time as they were to have a Sunday off and Monday and Tuesday had planned to shoot the outdoor scene under the pine tree where the sex worker, Little Sue (Tara Frederick) rides a horse and hands the money to Munny . reward for killing the two cowboys. There, she tells him that the sheriff, Little Bill Daggett (Gene Hackman), killed Munny’s friend and partner, Ned (Morgan Freeman).

It is a crucial scene. Both professional and amateur screenwriters would recognize it as the inescapable moment of crisis that propels the protagonist into the final act of the story. In this case, he sends Munny back to Big Whiskey, where he annihilates Little Bill and his henchmen. The scene was far too important for Eastwood to wrap up the team and shoot at his home in the United States, as he wanted Big Whiskey looming in the background. But he also wanted no snow to be visible in the scene. He was faced with quite a dilemma.

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