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Azzurro HD and Red5 Pro have teamed up to deliver real-time remote production

The ability to remotely control professional studio cameras is a game changer and today’s use for live interviews is just the beginning.

— Chris Allen, CEO of Red5 Pro

BOSTON, MA, USA, March 14, 2022 / — Sports media are constantly looking for opportunities to reduce the costs of live events while improving broadcast capabilities. Azzurro HD and Red5 Pro have partnered to provide a solution using Red5 Pro’s ultra-low latency distribution technology, providing the ability to remotely manage Azzurro HD’s PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras during sporting events and remote broadcast venues, eliminating the frustration associated with lag on remote streams.

Azzurro HD Solutions
Azzurro HD came to Red5 Pro with a specific customer need – the ability to control their TeamCam kits during real-time sporting events with a remote control setup.

As much of the world turned to remote technologies during the Covid-19 pandemic, Azzurro HD’s sports network customers found themselves trying to manage a number of live cameras via video production. from a distance. Lags in these video feeds meant that camera operators often exceeded their fine angle settings, leading to frustration and potentially poor results. Additionally, even though Azzurro HD had an existing solution, its customers were looking to move to browser-based tools rather than more traditional standalone software and applications.

The Red5 Pro platform was perfectly suited to the needs of Azzurro HD. With ultra-low latency browser-based streaming using WebRTC and the ability to ingest various broadcast video streaming protocols, such as SRT and UDP, Red5 Pro offered the speed and flexibility the solution required. Despite being an engineer and not a software developer, Azzurro HD’s Chris Puzzio was able to configure his server to his precise specifications with the support of the Red5 Pro team.

“What drew me to Red5 was the ability to have real-time video in a browser and it does exactly what I had hoped for. The documentation available allowed me to tune the server to my needs and the API allowed me to integrate it into our new app Their support is also very good – I never had to wait long for a response to help requests or support tickets.
-Chris Puzzio, Vice President of Product Development

Chris Allen, CEO of Red5 Pro, is already looking to the future: “I’m very excited for Azzurro to take advantage of Red5 Pro. The ability to remotely control professional studio cameras is a game changer and today’s use for live interviews is just the beginning. Imagine a future where Azzurro’s solution is used for live cameras on the pitch, drones flying above players, and even player-mounted cameras in live sports venues. This approach to remote camera operation not only dramatically reduces production costs but, more importantly, opens up new opportunities not previously possible.

About Red5 Pro
Since 2005, Red5 Pro has been on a mission to accelerate the way people connect. From our open source Red5 roots to our future Real-time eXperience-as-a-Service (RTXaaS) platform to our XDN ecosystem, Red5 Pro is designed to scale custom workflows that power streaming in real time experiences for the emerging metaverse.
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About Azzurro HD
Azzurro HD is an integrated multimedia services company that provides the engineering and transmission services needed to keep your operations at the cutting edge of technology. Customers come to Azzurro for broadcast system integration, all-digital transmission, content hosting and management, and advanced, cost-effective solutions to connect remote talent to the broadcast studio in Full HD.

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