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Apple is improving its webcam on the shiny new M2 MacBooks, but for those of us still messing around on our existing MacBooks, we’ll be able to use our iPhones as webcams (…if we don’t want to peek at our phone during a Zoom meeting).

Later this year, Apple will start selling a Belkin mount that lets you mount your iPhone on top of your MacBook. Then, during FaceTime calls from your laptop, you’ll be able to use iPhone camera features like Portrait Mode, Center Stage, and Studio Light, a new feature that brightens your face and darkens your face. background behind you. You can also use your iPhone camera on other macOS apps, like Zoom.

Without even setting up your phone, your camera can also somehow provide a desktop view (wide-angle lenses, perhaps?). This can be useful for a math teacher, for example, who wants to write down the steps to solve an equation without plugging in a tablet. In practice, it probably won’t look as good as it did during the keynote – which office is actually organized?

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Continuity Camera is, as its name suggests, part of Apple’s continuity tools. The company will also introduce a handover feature, which makes it easy to switch between devices during a FaceTime call. So if you’re using FaceTiming on your iPhone, for example, you can place your phone near your MacBook and seamlessly transfer the call to your laptop, rather than hanging up and calling again.

These features are expected to be available later this year, with the Belkin mount. While this is all fun and good, maybe next time Apple can just put a better camera in the laptop itself.

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