Arm64 Visual Studio 2022 is no longer in preview, ready for developers



What do you want to know

  • Microsoft has announced that Visual Studio 2022 17.4 GA fully supports Arm64.
  • Announced at Build 2022 with Project Volterra, the latest version of Visual Studio 2022 complements the Windows on ARM devkit.
  • Visual Studio 2022 with Arm64 support was in preview starting this summer, but is now ready for general availability.

Microsoft continues to make Windows 11 as compatible with Arm64 as possible with the release of Visual Studio 2022 17.4 (GA) (opens in a new tab). The release of this iteration of Visual Studio offers a native Arm64 experience that “eliminates the need for emulation in most development workflows,” according to Microsoft.

Visual Studio with Arm64 support was announced at Build 2022 as part of a larger initiative to broaden the adoption of Windows on ARM. It premiered this summer. Along with the software, Microsoft announced a mini PC dubbed “Project Volterra”, which was just released as Windows Dev Kit 2023. When combined, the complete devkit allows developers to use a single device to create and test Windows Arm64 applications without the need to buy more expensive Snapdragon mobile PCs.

Microsoft goes into more detail in the official announcement (opens in a new tab)who notes:

“We are pleased to announce the first fully supported Arm64 release of Visual Studio that will run natively, allowing you to build and debug Arm64 applications on Arm-based processors.”

“17.4 GA delivers a native Arm64 experience for Visual Studio that eliminates the need for emulation in most development workflows. Although the improved x64 emulator improves the speed and performance of applications emulated on Arm devices, we know that the best Arm development experiences will be supported by tools that run natively on Arm64.

“We are building a complete, end-to-end Arm-native development toolchain that will provide a fast, familiar, and highly productive managed and native development experience for Arm-based processors.”

The release includes support for popular workloads, based on feedback from the developer community at Microsoft. Enabled workloads include:

  • .NET desktop development
  • Desktop development with C++
  • NET and web development
  • Development of the Universal Windows Platform
  • Developing Visual Studio Extensions
  • Game development in C++
  • Node.js development

For developers, there is nothing unique to developing new Arm64 applications or converting older x86 applications. When installing Visual Studio 2022 17.4, the installer detects the system architecture and then downloads and installs the Arm64 version of Visual Studio when run on an Arm64 device.

You can download Visual Studio 2022 17.4 here (opens in a new tab).

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