Asobo Studio’s Game Director’s Rats Will Be Better At Catching Prey In Plague Tale Sequel


Asobo StudioAdventure game A Plague Tale: Requiem looks set to surpass its predecessor in scope and storytelling.

Creators are taking full advantage of current-gen platforms to showcase episodes that were previously impossible due to the technical limitations of older consoles. For example, the authors promise to show locations that change depending on the plot and hunting scenes with hundreds of thousands of rats.

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In an interview with EDGE, game director Kevin Choto explained what the rodents would look like in the sequel:
After Hugo’s disease, rats evolved. Now they can climb and catch their prey much more efficiently, taking advantage of the environment,” Choto said.

This feature will also be useful in non-combat scenarios where Rats will be used to infiltrate previously inaccessible areas. However, one way or another, players won’t have constant control over them.

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Hugo is still young and vulnerable. In most situations, it can control rats, making it an extremely effective game tool against all threats. Still, if he loses control, he can be a danger,” explained the game director.

As for Amicia, recent gameplay footage has shown that the heroine will become more violent and ready to get her hands dirty.

She can be much more aggressive. But, unfortunately, Amicia has already felt what death is, and it will no longer be possible to take her by surprise,” added Choto.

A Plague Tale Requiem will be released on October 18 on PS5, Xbox X|S series, PC and nintendo Switch (cloud).
The director of A Plague Tale: Requiem has revealed how he’s ditching last-gen consoles and taking advantage of next-gen technology.

The sequel is a next-gen console exclusive for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, and Choteau revealed that she refined the character models and brought out their finer details.

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