ATOMOS CONNECT & SHOGUN CONNECT Firmware Update Enables Camera to Cloud


The ATOMOS CONNECT and SHOGUN CONNECTION have received new firmware which now allows them to be used with Camera to the Cloud workflow.

Cameras using ATOMOS CONNECT or SHOGUN CONNECT can now be used to collaborate in real time, with support for remote team members, regardless of location or budget.

A C2C workflow provides a direct path to production to send media directly to post-production teams. Media is transferred from C2C-certified devices on set to the cloud, for viewing, approval and editing.

So how does it work? ATOMOS CONNECT or SHOGUN CONNECT devices are paired with using ATOMOS Cloud Studio. Once devices are registered and linked to a account, media can be downloaded immediately. Each file is immediately available for viewing in or downloading into integrated video apps including Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve.

According to and ATOMOS, the roadmap for C2C could very well see a tipping point in the next few years where internet bandwidth becomes ubiquitous. As a result, cameras may be able to do without removable media entirely (although I personally don’t think that will happen) and it may well be common for filmmakers to use C2C to download 8K RAW files in full resolution from remote locations.

Recently, Trevor Elbourne, CEO of ATOMOS, Paul Scurrell, Senior Vice President of Products at ATOMOS, and Michael Cioni, Senior Director of Global Innovation at Adobe, sat down for a virtual panel discussion with filmmakers, Armando Ferreira, Bobby Goulding and Dru Williams to talk about how cinema is changing. In a broad conversation, panelists discussed the state of the industry, how and ATOMOS technologies have already impacted their productions, and how new ATOMOS devices will further accelerate their workflow. of work, while introducing new methods for their teams. collaborate. You can watch the ATOMOS panel discussion when they premiere on YouTube on Thursday, August 18 at 11 a.m. PDT. C2C support is included in AtomOS 10.81 available for download now at

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