Audient turns Kali Audio’s office into a temporary studio with EVO 16


Audient turns Kali Audio’s office into a temporary studio with EVO 16

Audient turns Kali Audio's office into a temporary studio with EVO 16

UNITED STATES – Mobile musician and sound engineer Ady Parzentny recently tested the all-new EVO 16 audio interface, with a view to taking it with him on his travels later this month. The owner of Hit The Road Music Studio was keen to recreate the kind of scenario he’s likely to encounter while away, to find out if the EVO 16 would be up to the task.

Recording a band in a regular office using a clean setup is exactly the kind of thing Ady does while touring in his Hit The Road Music Studio RV, except the office can be a museum, a monastery, or just a tent in the desert. “Capturing the live vibe with a minimalist setup” is his goal. With five solid years of mobile check-in experience under his belt, he strives to find solutions to any location issues that may arise.

Recording for Armenian band Araksya Amirkhanyan & Friends, Ady was in Kali Audio’s office in California and had eight affordable mics, a few DI boxes and the EVO 16 to work with.

His first impressions of the audio interface were very positive. “It’s sexy. It looks sharp, sounds gorgeous, and will definitely fit in my backpack when I’m on the plane to the next job,” he says. At just over 14 inches wide and Non-slip rubber feet, the EVO 16 fits perfectly under a laptop as well as in carry-on luggage.

When it came to setting the standards for the five-piece band, EVO 16 really came into its own. “It was such a time saver thanks to Smartgain. I’m used to adjusting anywhere from eight to 24 knobs at once,” he says. “With the Smartgain function, I just pressed a button, the band played for 30 seconds and everything was set up with enough headroom. I didn’t even have to readjust once the first takes were recorded! Brilliant and practice, it really helped get things done faster.

Referring to the unit’s built-in color display, he adds, “Handling is easy and I love the little details like ghosting when adding phantom power!” It was this Motion UI control system that also helped him streamline the recording session. “I don’t know if you realize how much it helps me to have only one knob to adjust the input gain. Before I had 8 to 24 knobs and in stressful situations I could set the wrong knob! Now I can choose the exact channel I want to tune using the screen, so there are no mistakes. »

He also really appreciated the EVO preamps, which saved him time and effort. “With my old setup, I had to use between three and five plug-ins per channel in the mix. The mic preamps are so good that I only used between zero and three jacks per channel, which saved me about an hour and a half in the mixing process.

When asked if he would take the EVO 16 with him on his next trip, he was very enthusiastic. “Oh yes, it will go everywhere with me now. We will then record a five-track EP, a documentary and music videos with the American band Bondeko in Albania in a beautiful olive farm near Tirana. I will buy another EVO 16 if I need more than eight inputs, and I need to buy a USB-powered EVO 8 to be able to record in the forest.

September 6, 2022

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