Austin studio set to launch VR mini-golf


Now you can play putt-putt from the comfort of your home.

Austin-based computer animation studio Mighty Coconut is developing virtual reality mini-golf games with a set coming out this summer and another towards the end of the year.

The announcements come as technology races form advances in virtual reality and the Metaverse, a growing network of virtual worlds. So far, Austin’s tech scene has put its hat in the ring with games like the best-selling island world of White Sands.

For this latest game, known as “Walkabout Mini Golf: Myst,” Mighty Coconut teamed up with Washington-based video game developer Cyan to create a 36-hole course that could rival the Peter Pan Mini. Golf in South Austin.

This partnership results in something of a revival of the classic puzzle video game Myst, which was originally released for the Mac in the early 90s. Tapping into a market of gamers and non-gamers, it was able to become one of the bestsellers of the 20th century. Last year, Apple optimized the game for its M1 chip and released it on the App Store.

“Our generations of players have discovered the strikingly beautiful and now iconic Island of Myst, so it seems only natural that we would open this virtual mini-golf attraction where fans can connect and explore,” said Hannah Gamiel. , director of development at Cyan.

Gamiel added that people will be able to explore the world created by the creators, known as the Miller brothers. Players can also “invite friends from around the world to join in the fun, all around the whimsical game of mini golf,” Gamiel said.

Mighty Coconut said the course will be available on Meta Quest, Steam, and upcoming VR platforms and will feature settings, items, and “puzzle spirit” from the Myst saga.

And it’s not just about trying to score a hole-in-one. This latest game will also include 18 stray balls to collect, a fox hunting expedition, and a virtual commemorative putter to collect.

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