Australia’s first Fujifilm House of Photography concept store is coming


A new photographic experience is coming to Australia.

Fujifilm Australia has announced the opening of its first physical store in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, called House of Photography. It will be open for businesses from Thursday 7 July.

It is inspired by the success of the very first Fujifilm House of Photography in London (opens in a new tab) which opened in 2019, and promises to be more than just a store that sells everything branded cameras and lenses.

Fujifilm calls it an “experience center” to “inspire and encourage consumers to immerse themselves in the world of photography”.

Fujifilm fans looking to upgrade or beginners looking to start their photography journey will be able to try out the various cameras and lenses – from the Instax to the X-series to the GFX – before making a purchase decision. All products will be showcased in what Fujifilm calls Play Tables. These will also display artwork that can be used as test subjects – and selfies are encouraged.

For more in-depth testing, the store will include a dedicated shooting space called The Studio, a professionally landscaped area with lights and a tripod for anyone to test out X-series cameras as well as format GFX boxes. medium.

If you need advice, an “X-Pert” team will be on hand to offer you individual sessions in what Fujifilm calls The Boutique.

There will also be printing facilities to have your images done professionally, with customization options to choose from.

As Fujifilm Australia CEO Tyler Yanase said, “The Fujifilm House of Photography was launched to enhance photographers’ experience with the Fujifilm brand, acting as a hub for them to explore, touch, ‘try out and learn more about our portfolio of products and services via interactive game tables and spend some quality time with a Fujifilm X-Pert, making this a must visit for all photography enthusiasts.’

Although the London store also has gallery space, there is no confirmation yet if the Sydney House of Photography will also feature the same. Even without it, the new Fujifilm concept store looks like an exciting space for Fujifilm fans or anyone interested in photography, whether you’re a Sydneysider or just passing through.

You can find the new Fujifilm House of Photography from July 7 at 2 Park Street, Sydney NSW 2000.

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