Bastrop shoots in huge film studio and entertainment complex of the Californian company


A California company is getting closer and closer to establishing a massive new film studio in … Bastrop? After receiving initial approval from Bastrop City Council last summer, the Bastrop 552 complex now has a scheduled first phase opening date of August 2023. Part of this first phase, which will cost 40.3 million dollars according to Austin Business Journal, will include six studios, a three-story office building, mill, warehouse and storage units.

When we say “massive” we mean “massive”. Owned by California-based Line 204 Studios, Bastrop’s new facility is actually designed to be something of a film / entertainment studio complex hybrid. Spanning 546 acres, the designs for the resort include a movie studio with production facilities, sound stages, backlots, storage and other ancillary spaces, as well as accommodation, restaurants, event venues and leisure facilities, according to documents filed with the City of Bastrop.

The site itself sits on the Colorado River, a sort of PacMan-shaped property bordered in part by the river, Lovers Lane, and a residential area. The project also applied for a Media Production Development Zone sales tax exemption from the Texas Film Commission. The MPDZ was passed by the Texas legislature in 2009 and grants tax exemptions “for the construction, maintenance, expansion, improvement or renovation of a multimedia production facility at a qualified multimedia production site. over a two-year period ”. In December, the Bastrop city council approved their request.

In total, only around a quarter of the land is dedicated to film production, the remainder being used for “recreation, accommodation and hybrid recreation / studio”. In documents submitted to Bastrop city council in June, the company lists short-term rentals, golf courses, private clubs, drive-in theaters and even teepees as possible recreational uses.

With new courses and golf clubs comes the promise of “significant numbers of new jobs, and considerable regional financial investment and local spending.”

This map, handed over to Bastrop City Council this summer, shows how the property would be mapped.

Studio 210, town of Bastrop

In total, the project is expected to create 1,443 “direct, indirect and induced” jobs in Bastrop County, according to a study conducted by Impact DataSource. The study also estimates that Bastrop 552 will have an annual impact of $ 177.8 million once operational, ultimately bringing in nearly $ 2 billion in the first 10 years.

Along with the economic impact, the project says it wants to “grow” the central Texas film industry, a tight-knit community established, in part, by Austin Studios, home to Richard Linklater’s Detour Filmproduction, and TroubleMaker Studios, co-owned by Robert Rodriguez, originally from San Antonio.

In recent months, HBO and Netflix have taken over real estate in central Texas. And although some large-scale projects have recently left Texas, such as Fear the living dead, which decamped from Austin to Savannah, Georgia, in November 2021, a slew of other productions are underway, including an HBO Max production currently filming at Hutto and Kyle.

“The community has expressed a deep desire to develop and strengthen the film industry here in central Texas, and we believe this unique and environmentally friendly project will drive economic growth and contribute to Bastrop’s future success,” said Line 204 Studios, owner of Bastrop 552. June 2021 statement to the Austin Business Journal.

Development, however, has not been without setbacks on the part of the community. In early 2021, a petition titled “Bastrop Neighbors Opposed to the Bastrop 552, LLLP / Bastrop Colorado Bend, LLC Development” garnered nearly 1,000 signatures, or roughly 10% of the entire city’s population. (Bastrop has around 10,000 residents while the sprawling county has 88,723, according to 2019 figures from the US Census Bureau.)

The documents submitted to the City of Bastrop show how the land will be used.

The documents submitted to the City of Bastrop show how the land will be used.

Studio 210, town of Bastrop

Residents ‘concerns were enough to delay the initial Bastrop city council vote from June 8-22 so the developer could address some of the citizens’ concerns. The initial agreement was unanimously adopted on June 22.

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