Battlefield 2042 Studio GM Reacts To Poor Launch – “Everyone Was Disappointed”


Battlefield developer DICE’s new general manager has responded to Battlefield 2042’s lackluster launch, explaining what went wrong and how the studio – and EA as a whole – continues to believe in the series moving forward.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Rebecka Coutaz said that one of the first issues Battlefield 2042 encountered was the organization of the development team and the pandemic-induced work-from-home setup.

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“It’s different working from home, even though that’s how we work now, it took time to adapt,” Coutaz said. “And it took time to learn how to work well together.”

“Everyone was disappointed – our community, our players and our team as well. This is a team that has invested years of their lives in this game,” she added of the game’s rocky start. And for this match not to live up to the expectations of the team or the players, it was difficult. We are moving forward and we have achieved a lot since then.”

Following Battlefield 2042’s rocky start, DICE has revamped the top team. Former DICE chief executive Oskar Gabrielson has left the studio, alongside DICE’s head of content, head of design and executive producer as part of a larger shake-up. Coutaz stepped into the role of GM and she put together a new management team, including veterans like creative director Lars Gustavsson and producers Ryan McArthur and Andreas Morell.

After installing a new management team, Coutaz said the next task was to adapt Battlefield 2042 for “live management”. Under the previous regime, teams were organized around the Battlefield 2042 expedition for launch, but not necessarily the rest of the trip, Coutaz said. “We need to organize ourselves to be able to manage the live so that we can continue to repair the health of the game and continue to create great content and quality content for our players,” she said.

Coutaz also confirmed that DICE held retrospective meetings on Battlefield 2042’s lackluster launch, gathering feedback from DICE, EA Gothenburg, Criterion, and Ripple Effect.

“It took us about two months to do this kind of analysis and since then we have made changes in the organization, in the structure and the tools and the processes and the communication in co-development, really arming ourselves to be able to make great games and make Battlefield 2042 still a great game,” Coutaz said.

The new Season 1: Zero Hour update added just one new map, and some players wanted to see more. But Coutaz said the focus was on quality, not necessarily quantity.

“Some players said there wasn’t enough content, but we really focused on the quality of the content. And I really think we succeeded – we have good feedback from the community, so we’re confident “, she said.

In related news, DICE has confirmed that it’s fully focused on Battlefield 2042 right now, which means Mirror’s Edge fans might be out of luck.

Although Battlefield 2042 may not have met EA’s sales targets, the game finished 2021 as the fifth best-selling game of the year in the United States.

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