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The BAUGHaus Design studio has been known for many years for producing exquisite ceramics with intricate details ranging from teapots and plates to Christmas decorations. With all of her pieces designed with the aim of sparking cultural thought, owner Dana Baugh has created a wide range of Jamaican-themed items that are perfect for the Emancipendece season and beyond.

These items include the Lignum Vitae teapot and service, as well as the new Jamaican pancake plate and ornament. In an interview with The Gleaner, Baugh said she conceptualized the Lignum Vitae teapot in 2019 and the inspiration for the wafer plate came to her earlier this year.

The Breadfruit collection, which was conceptualized three years ago, was created with the mission of using elements from one of Jamaica’s most iconic foods to create a beautiful work of art. Composed of tableware, a salad tray, a dinner plate and a bowl, the collection comes in small, medium and large. The endearing breadfruit then inspired the creation of an ackee and breadfruit Christmas decoration.


Following the creation of the breadfruit-inspired artwork, Baugh created the beverage box household art pieces. Versatile items can be used for serving drinks or decanting wine. “I like the idea of ​​the drink box because growing up we always used the drink box as a drink container,” she said. “I also wanted to remind people that there was a time when we used paper instead of plastic.”

Interestingly, the inspiration behind creating the banana leaf platter was unexpected. During a photoshoot, the brilliant designer simply used a banana leaf as a placemat. Following this, the artist decided to cut a banana leaf from his tree in his garden and move on to designing the plate. “I wanted to create something that focuses more on the other side of Jamaica, the flora and fauna that make it beautiful,” she told The Gleaner.

BAUGHaus Design Studio invites the public to be on the lookout for new products under development and soon to be released.

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