Ben Kingsley Will Reprise Role of Trevor Slattery in Marvel Studio’s ‘Wonder Man’ Series


Hollywood star Sir Ben Kingsley marks his return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe by reprising the role of Trevor Slattery in Marvel’s upcoming series, “Wonder Man.” According to Variety, in June it was originally announced that the program was in production. The main subject will be Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man, from Marvel comics. Williams is the fictional son of a wealthy businessman whose business struggles due to rivalry with Tony Stark’s Stark Industries. Williams later accepts the offer made by the villainous Baron Zemo, which grants him superhuman ionic abilities, including tremendous strength and durability. Wonder Man eventually joined the ranks of the Avengers after repeatedly engaging them.

Kingsley’s reappearance as Slattery confirms rumors that the program is meant to be a Hollywood satire since Slattery is known to be a failed actor and Wonder Man worked as both an actor and a stuntman in the comics. Kingsley will apparently play a big role in the series, however, it’s unclear how he’ll fit into the storyline or how many episodes he’ll appear in. Kingsley in “Iron Man 3 originally portrayed Slattery”. In this film, Slattery plays a terrorist commander known as The Mandarin, but in the end his true identity is clarified and he is imprisoned. He later appeared in the short film “All Hail the King”, which depicts Slattery in prison before being released by a representative of the current Mandarin. In “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”, Kingsley recently portrayed Slattery. He was captured by Shang-father, Chi’s The Mandarin, Xu Wenwu, who kept him alive as a sort of court jester. Eventually, Shang-Chi and his companions help him escape, and he then helps them defeat Wenwu.

Destin Daniel Cretton, who directed and co-wrote “Shang-Chi,” and who will work as executive producer and co-creator on the Wonder Man series, will once again collaborate with Kingsley on the role. One of the best-known artists of the contemporary era, Kingsley is recognized for his work in films such as ‘Gandhi’, ‘Sexy Beast’, ‘House of Sand and Fog’, ‘Bugsy’ and ‘Schindler’s List’. . For the first four of the aforementioned films, he received Oscar nominations, winning Best Actor for “Gandhi.” Additionally, he has been nominated for an Emmy four times. He recently starred in the Netflix adaptation of “Watership Down” and the Epix neo-noir series “Perpetual Grace Ltd.”

The Wonder Man TV program will have Andrew Guest as its head writer. In addition to co-creating the series alongside Guest, Cretton will executive produce and may even direct it. With the news that Cretton will return to direct and write “Shang-Chi” 2, Marvel Studios and Onyx Collective have announced Cretton’s current overall contract. (ANI)

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