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Quick List of the Best Behringer Studio Monitors

Behringer Studio Monitor, your monitors are your primary gateway to your music, so good monitors are important. After all, good recording, mixing and mastering is impossible if you can’t hear exactly what you’re doing. Customers often ask sales engineers, “What is the best Behringer studio monitor?” That’s a tough question, especially when you’re on a budget. The best Behringer studio monitors are the best studio monitors, better and with good sound quality.

Your monitors should make sure your music plays through the headset speakers, computer speakers, and car stereo speakers. You also have to like their sound. After all, you will listen to them for a long time. Luckily, Sweetwater has several studio monitors that offer excellent quality without draining your wallet. So today we’re bringing you the best Behringer studio monitors.

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Behringer Truth B2031A

Our TRUTH B2031A monitors have been so successful that we’ve sold thousands and thousands of them to some of the most discerning ears in the world. Due to their high resolution, the B2031A 2-Way Active Reference Studio Monitors are ideal for near-field monitoring applications, from small mixing environments to multi-channel surround sound setups.

When it comes to your studio recordings, you want honesty. Considering the importance of your art, you should claim it! That’s why we designed the B2031A Two-Way Active Reference Monitor to tell only the TRUTH. The B2031A offers high efficiency, 265 watts of bi-amplified output for an extremely responsive, long-excursion 8.75-inch polypropylene woofer for tight bass and a high-resolution ferrofluid-cooled tweeter for crisp highs.

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Behringer NEKKST-K5

The unequaled performance of the NEKKST K5 150-watt studio monitor is the result of extensive collaboration between Behringer sound engineers and KRK loudspeaker founder/principal designer Keith R. Klawitter. This incredible reference system is ideal for all critical listening environments thanks to the specially designed bi-amplification system which offers separate amplifiers for the 5″ fiberglass woofer and 1″ silk dome tweeter. The K5’s long-excursion woofer produces deep, tight bass and virtually unfading mids, while the ultra-high resolution tweeter delivers sparkling highs, all enhanced with Keith’s advanced waveguide technology for a sweet spot. extremely generous. .

The goal of a great studio monitor is to present an accurate representation of your mix so you can see how well it performs in today’s varying environments and listening systems such as car stereos, systems club sound systems, radio, portable digital music players and more. The NEKKST K5’s remarkably flat response lets you work with confidence that your mixes will “play” accurately on these systems and to your audience at large.

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Behringer MS16 high performance

Looking for a quick and affordable way to upgrade your computer sound system? Maybe you want a great alternative to the built-in speakers in your portable keyboard/synthesizer? Or maybe you want to turn your computer into a personal studio. Capable of handling these tasks and more, the Behringer MS16 two-way active personal monitor system is the perfect way to upgrade your sound system. This incredibly powerful and compact 16-watt stereo system features powerful 4-inch woofers and high-resolution tweeters, plus dedicated volume, bass and treble controls for maximum flexibility.

Equipped with 4″ woofers and 1.5″ high resolution tweeters, the MS16 monitor speakers deliver high quality sound to anyone with a computer workstation. Whether you’re a musician looking for his latest masterpieces or just someone listening to his favorite tunes at work, the MS16 speakers make them that much better. They are also ideal as additional speakers for electronic keyboards.

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Behringer STUDIO 50USB Hi-Res

Whether you’re making music or just enjoying it, you want a serious speaker with accurate sound. The STUDIO 50USB’s ultra-linear 150-watt digital monitors combine exceptional USB and analog connectivity in a bi-amplified speaker configuration, providing the perfect sonic upgrade for any audio or video application. And when it’s time to unleash your creativity, the STUDIO 50USB delivers studio-grade performance, so you can dial in your perfect sound.

USB connectivity eliminates the need for special cables and adapters, making setup easy; Plus, STUDIO 50USB powered speakers are magnetically shielded to work great with your computer screen, even near video monitors of all kinds. To add a touch of style to the STUDIO 50USB’s incredible sonic capabilities, we’ve wrapped it in a clean-lined enclosure with graceful curves that will complement even the most sophisticated decor.

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Behringer 1C-BK 100 Watt 5 Ultra-Compact Studio Monitor

Our 1C-BK 2-way studio monitor combines incredibly accurate sound reproduction with a neoclassical design, making it perfect for the most demanding environments. Sold as a pair, the 1C-BK is an exceptional choice for a variety of fixed installations, including stereo and surround sound applications, home recording studios, restaurants and A/V production suites. Stop by your authorized Behringer dealer and listen to a pair of 1C-BKs today. Compare them with the competition.

Available in black (1C-BK) or white (1C-WH), these little beauties come with color-matched mounting brackets for convenient and easy installation. Place them on shelves, desks or hang them from rafters. You’ll find dozens of uses for these big-sounding little speakers.

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Final Words: The Best Behringer Studio Monitors

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