Best pens for the Surface Studio 2 Plus in 2022



Sure, there’s the Surface Pen, but there are plenty of other options if you want to use them with your all-in-one PC.

Microsoft’s new Surface Studio 2 Plus has a Surface Pen in the box. With this included stylus, you can unleash your inner creativity and draw on the screen in your favorite apps like Photoshop and Fresh Paint. The fact that you can lower the monitor towards you thanks to the PC’s unique form factor makes it even easier. However, if the stylus isn’t for you, this all-in-one PC is compatible with third-party styluses and pens. Many of them also work with other Surface pc. We’ve rounded up six of our favorites for you below.

  • Microsoft Surface Slim 2 Pen
    The Slim Pen 2 charges wirelessly when stored inside a Surface Keyboard, and it provides haptic feedback to make writing on a screen more like paper.
    Fine pen 2

    This is Microsoft’s all-new Surface Pen. It has the same pressure sensitivity you get with your Surface Studio 2 Plus, but it’s thinner and more ergonomic. You can also attach it magnetically to the side of Surface Studio. You will, however, need to charge it separately with a charging cradle.

  • MetaPen Stylus

    This is a solid third-party stylus for the Surface Studio 2 Plus. It charges with USB-C and even has side buttons you can customize, just like the original Surface Pen.

  • Tintunzo pen

    This is another third-party Surface Studio 2 Plus Pen, this one from Tintunzo. It has features that ensure excellent inking experiences like anti-breakpoint, as well as anti-skew technologies.

  • Pen Raphael 520BT

    The Raphael 520BT Stylus is also similar to the one that came with your Surface Studio 2 Plus. Unlike others on our list, it retains 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity and feels quite premium in your hands.

  • Yeemie Stylus

    The Yeemie Pen is another pen with 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, like the original Surface Pen that came with your Surface Studio 2 Plus. It also charges via Micro-USB.

  • Tesha Surface Stylus
    At under $30, the Tesha Surface Pen has just about everything the Microsoft version offers.  It features 1,024 pressure points, designed for writing, drawing and taking notes.  Instant response, low latency, truly accurate handwriting reproduction.  Palm rejection technology lets you rest your hand naturally on the screen while writing, without the need to wear anti-friction gloves.  Super handy for kids.
    Tesha Surface Stylus

    This Surface Pen alternative is one of the most popular on Amazon. It doesn’t have as many pressure sensitivity levels as the original Surface Pen, but it’s good enough for basic note taking. We advise artists to stay away.

And those are six of the best pens we can find for the Surface Studio 2 Plus. Ideally, if you’re an artist or content creator, it’s best to buy an official Surface Pen from Microsoft, so we suggest the Surface Slim Pen 2 as an alternative. The price may be too high for you, so another stylus like the Raphael 520BT stylus or the MetaPen stylus are great options. These will work just as well. Some of our other picks are even cheaper, though, and great for quick, simple tasks like note taking and will work great with other Surface devices like the Surface Pro 9.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Plus
Corner view of Surface Studio 2 Plus

The Surface Studio 2 Plus is an all-in-one PC with an 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics. It has a 28-inch PixelSense display with super high resolution and supports touch and pen input.

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