Best Visual Studio IDE Alternatives for 2022


Visual Studio is one of the best IDEs out there, but there are better alternatives to explore in 2022. Read on to find out some of these alternatives.

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In a software development organization, the choice of integrated development environment for projects is determined by several factors such as speed, cost, debug capability, programming language support, and ease of development. ‘use. Visual Studio is one of the IDEs that has been widely adopted to provide almost all the aforementioned features.

Visual Studio is Microsoft’s IDE that offers developers a modern environment to develop cross-platform apps and innovative tools to share coding sessions across teams, clone repositories, and configure workflows for cloud deployment .

Although Visual Studio might be one of the best IDEs for developers, there are other quality alternatives to Visual Studio that can also support your business development.

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However, before we dive into the available alternatives for Visual Studio, here are some of the Visual Studio features to keep in mind when looking for an alternative.

Visual Studio Features


Visual Studio offers fascinating AI-powered code completion in its latest release. Almost every developer prays for a powerful code completion capability in an IDE. With this feature, software developers don’t need to sweat to complete lines of code. AI-powered completion will identify the context of your code and help you manage things like variable names and functions based on the type of code you’re writing.

hot charging

Visual Studio also allows you to quickly rebuild and deploy every change to the codebase. This reloading feature allows developers to quickly build and deploy applications. Besides your lines of code, the hot reload feature also works for changes to your CSS files.

Rapid search

Many files for different projects can sometimes be stored on your computer, which makes a manual file search cumbersome. Reducing the time spent searching for these files is every developer’s dream. Visual Studio has a feature that allows you to quickly access your files for each project.

.NET 6 support

.Net 6 is currently one of the most sought-after frameworks within IDEs. It is a comprehensive framework with multi-dimensional functionality. The framework supports client, web and mobile applications in Mac and Windows operating systems.

64-bit IDE

As a 64-bit IDE, developers can now enjoy faster project loading and execution time in the latest version of Visual Studio. This feature makes this tool a great choice for enterprise projects with many complexities.

Debug multiple languages

Visual Studio also has debugging capability to support a clean codebase. You can easily view debug information in the editor and use the hints provided in the IDE to manage variable names and values.

Version control

Visual Studio also provides flexible and extensible version control that supports team collaboration. A built-in GitHub extension and Azure DevOps integration support your remote operations on the IDE. There is also an option to add other version control providers by installing their extensions.

Best Alternatives to Visual Studio


Xcode is Apple’s free IDE for software development. It is integrated with the Cocoa Touch and Cocoa frameworks, which give developers a productivity edge.

Xcode has a built-in assistant editor that offers useful codes in the side pane to help you speed up your task. Additionally, the Xcode IDE has the right tools to connect to Apple’s developer website. This means that software developers can enable Apple services on the apps they create, publish them to the Apple Store once they’re complete, and then use them.


Apache NetBeans is a free and popular IDE that can be a perfect alternative to Visual Studio. NetBeans works seamlessly on most operating systems and offers some cool features you might want to try.

For example, NetBeans offers quick and smart editing and other smart features such as name and parameter suggestions, code folding, custom keyboard shortcuts, and smart code completion. Additionally, Apache NetBeans allows users to view, add, or update code templates in the IDE.

fire base

Google’s Firebase is a paid IDE that speeds up app development with a powerful toolset that helps developers build, improve, and scale their apps. Firebase’s code enhancement features allow developers to focus more on user experience. Developers can access built-in features such as analytics, databases, authentication, push messaging, and other powerful configurations. Because the services are hosted in the cloud, you can easily scale your application to meet other needs as you see fit.

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Developers can also rely on Firebase extensions to automate certain development tasks. Some of these extensions include collecting feeds to BigQuery and processing payments with Stripe.


OutSystems is a paid Visual Studio alternative that offers almost everything a developer needs to perform a development task easily. Widely considered a low-code IDE, OutSystems helps software vendors build, deploy, and manage enterprise applications faster without writing lots of code.

OutSystems also offers many features such as real-time monitoring and reporting of application usage and performance, application scalability through APIs, and full DevOps automation.

Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition

Syncfusion’s Essential Studio Enterprise Edition provides developers with a platform to develop web, mobile and desktop applications. This tool has a powerful user interface that makes your coding flexible and optimized for quality performance. With Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise, you have a framework that can help you create a functional user interface easily.

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