‘BioShock’ creator Ken Levine’s studio in turmoil, report says


A recent report suggests Ken Levine’s Ghost Story Games studio is struggling to create content and has lost half of its founders.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Ken Levine’s authorial management style has caused development hell at Ghost Story Games.

In the report, staff were contacted to say the studio has failed to produce a game. The studio was formed eight years ago when Irrational Games shut down, with 11 studio members. precedent coming together to create a smaller team that could be more experimental in their design.

While still owned by Take-Two, the parent company previously owned by Irrational, the company does not appear to be troubled by funding or oversight. This gave them immense freedom to create whatever they wanted.

The first product of this freedom is a style of play called “Narrative Lego”, where each player would have a different experience depending on their actions. However, this caused problems. The report describes Levine as someone who enjoys seeing every section of a project and evaluating it as it is created. However, Lego’s narrative approach means that many parts of the game are incomplete when viewed and are frequently deleted by Levine.

Levine’s tendency to cut content isn’t new, with him saying he’s cut enough of Bioshock Infinite make two games. However, after so much time developing without producing a product, many of the staff felt it was time to go. More than half of Irrational’s original staff have left Ghost Story Games.

“The ideas and ambitions were great,” wrote Giovanni Pasteris, one of the first employees, to Bloomberg in an email. “But the reach only grew without worrying about the team’s ability to do it before our fall 2017 deadline. Ken wanted to do a triple A game with a ‘budget’ team size. It was never going to happen. “

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