Bitwig Studio 4.1 update brings inspiring new Note FX to the DAW


Image Credit: Bitwig Studio

Version 4.1 of the Bitwig Studio music software upgrades the DAW with new note effects, presets, and color palettes.

The popular DAW Bitwig Studio’s fast sampling capabilities make it a hit with hip-hop producers. The music software just got an update, to version 4.1 – let’s take a look!

What’s new in Bitwig Studio 4.1?

The eye-catching part of the update is the new Note FX which lets you transform your notes in creative and inspiring ways. The eight effects range from familiar DAW features like Humanize and Quantification to crazier effects like “Dribble” and “Ricochet”.

There are 70 factory presets to get you started. Bend drag the notes to reach the next pitch. Randomize changes the expression and pitch of the note; To scratch breaks agreements; Dribble bounces the notes.

Note repetitions trigger a sound again, and Ricochet turns notes into bouncing balls around a room, colliding to change timbre and pan.

In other changes, the Bitwig Studio Sampler now has a post channel, and MIDI track the output is now available.

There is also a brand new sample pack which celebrates the new Note FX, with 56 preset combinations you can use when playing live.

Presets are delivered as Note FX devices in a chain container, with remotes pre-mapped; they can be loaded into an instrument track; or as instrument presets with Note FX devices. The repeated notes create complex rhythms in real time.

The update also looks great, with color palettes now available for clips, tracks, and layers where you can drag and drop a JPG or PNG for your own personalization.

If you have Bitwig Studio 16-Track, only Randomize, Humanize, Bend, and Quantize note effects are available. The update can be downloaded by anyone with a Bitwig Studio upgrade plan. Check out Bitwig Studio here.

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