Blackbird Studio BB Mo-Q plug-in from KIT Plugins launched


IT Plugins and Blackbird Studio have teamed up to create the BB Mo-Q plug-in, emulating the original Motown EQ.

Published: 05/12/2022

Blackbird Studio BB Mo-Q Kit Plugins and Plugins

Nashville, TN (May 12, 2022)—Both Expansion kits and Blackbird Studio are based in Nashville, and once again they’ve teamed up to create a new plug-in – this time it’s the BB Mo-Q, emulating the original Motown EQ once used on tracks like “Let’s Get It On”, “Dad Was A Rollin’ Stone” and “Dancing In The Street”, to name a few.

KIT’s BB Mo-Q plug-in was replicated from one of Blackbird Studio owner John McBride’s original Motown EQs, among the very first built for Motown Records. Matt Kleinman, Founder of KIT Plugins, explained, “The Motown EQ is one of the most fascinating pieces of equipment I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Apart from its amazing history, the circuit itself is truly unique. It has subtle and broad controls, but somehow brings an unmistakable level of character to whatever you use it on. I knew the Mo-Q would need to replicate that. We started from zero. Based on our experience with the BB N105, we have developed our processes and technology to develop the most accurate EQ pattern possible. The Mo-Q can really replicate the tone and feel of the original Motown EQ.

Richie Furay Goes Countryside at Blackbird Studio

The plugin provides full automation; 7 preset passive frequency bands; processing built around KIT Plugins’ Gen 2 full-range modeling technology, with optional oversampling; over 100 presets; streamlined control set; Windows and macOS compatibility; and more.

KIT’s BB Mo-Q plug-in is available for $99. For a limited time only, customers who purchase KIT’s BB Mo-Q through June 13 will receive a 20% discount.

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