Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro and ATEM Mini Extreme ISO assist production at Breakroom Daily Talk Show – rAVe [PUBS]


Blackmagic Design today announced that YouTube channel New Rockstars is relying on four Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pros to capture its new daily live talk show ‘The Breakroom’, which reaches its 3.75 million subscribers. In addition to live streaming the show with an ATEM Mini Extreme ISO live production switcher, New Rockstars takes advantage of the switcher’s saved DaVinci Resolve project files to easily upload clips and promote the show on social media, including including TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Founded in 2015, New Rockstars is a digital content company based in Burbank, California. His flagship YouTube channel of the same name is an industry leader in movie, TV series and trailer analysis, specializing in Marvel, DC and Star Wars content. The team has posted over 2,200 videos that have been viewed over 1.4 billion times, and “The Breakroom” is their daily live show that covers the nerdy news of the day. Produced by John Costa and Dodson Seitz, it features rotating panelists and writers including Brandon Barrick, Tommy Bechtold, Jessica Clemons, Zach Huddleston, Filup Molina and special guests.

“Our viewers have commented that the show looks pre-recorded and it’s not, it’s live. This is a new show for us, so it was very important to deliver a high-quality experience. quality to our viewers while staying on budget and having reliable equipment,” said Huddleston, who also oversees the channel’s technical workflow. camera changes and graphics.The content we publish is top notch.

Powering “The Breakroom” is New Rockstars’ multi-camera setup which consists of four Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro’s. The cameras are connected to an ATEM Mini Extreme ISO for live streaming directly to YouTube, switching, transitions and downloading some graphics. The mixer’s built-in Fairlight audio mixer allows Costa to easily adjust audio levels, and it uses automations on microphones and other graphics, as well as adds compression and noise gate to their microphones. Additionally, a HyperDeck Studio HD Plus streaming rig is used for graphics playback.

“The Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro are very easy to use and the image quality is simply excellent. The low-light performance came in handy when capturing darker photos inside the studio,” Costa said. “We have a camera operator inside the studio with the hosts while I run the show from the control room on my own. It’s simple in terms of workflow, but having an ecosystem that I can fully manage while running such a fast and interactive show is amazing.

“Just recently we did a Friday the 13th show and took advantage of ATEM’s built-in color corrector, making shots captured on camera look red. Being able to apply a red filter on the fly and not have to work in post saved us a lot of time and gave viewers a spooky and cool experience,” he added.

Beyond ATEM Mini Extreme ISO’s live production capabilities, New Rockstars takes advantage of DaVinci Resolve project files to upload live production and use clips for social media promotion. This workflow saves the team valuable time and keeps them focused on the big picture.

In addition to “The Breakroom,” New Rockstars recently revived its popular aftershow “Boys Underground,” where panelists discuss the latest episode of Amazon’s dark comedy/drama superhero series “The Boys.” The team captures “Boys Underground” with Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro and relies on ATEM Mini Extreme ISO for live-to-tape editing, as well as software for editing, color grading, visual effects (VFX) and audio post-production from DaVinci Resolve to add graphics. , music and make small edits to the final edit of the show.

“Since this show is not actually live, we can add stuff, do replays and clean up mistakes after the fact in DaVinci Resolve thanks to the separate ISO save file generated by ATEM,” added Coast. “This is just another example of how much we’ve been able to accomplish with our Blackmagic Design gear in a short time.”

“New Rockstars is building a larger studio where we plan to have a live audience join our hosts,” Huddleston concluded. “Just like with the creation of our fully-fledged studio, we are taking our content to the next level. Blackmagic Design not only helps us improve our current productions, but also supports us as we take the next step with our upcoming content.

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