Bokeh Game Studio’s Q&A on Slitterhead: “There’s no point mimicking something that’s already been done”


Bokeh Game Studio Q&A on Slitterhead:

Bokeh game studio (Bokeh) recently made a Q&A session where they answered social media questions about their next game split head and more. The session included the three founding members of the studio: Keiichiro Toyama (CEO, Creator), Junya Okura (CTO, Game Director) and Kazunobu Sato (COO, Producer). Toyama is probably best known for creating the first silent Hill video game in 1999. Okura and Sato both worked with Toyama on the Mermaid series. Okura also collaborated with Toyama on another series titled Gravity Rush.

The trio reunited in 2020 to create their new independent studio. During the studio’s inception, Toyama announced that they were developing a new game slated for release in 2023. What started out as “about four or five [ideas] in the beginning,” ended up becoming the trailer we saw at The Game Awards late last year. Many of the questions, from an Ask Me Anything launched in January, that Bokeh answered were about Split head. Still with no release date yet, the team has given us some details on what we can expect.

Inspired by the energy of Hong Kong and how Forbidden Mermaid could be reinterpreted they, “ended up with the basis for split head“. Although the game will be “close to what we’ve done before,” Toyama insists it’s not a direct repeat of their past. If something is replicated directly, that will be the team’s “experimental” approach. When discussing the alleged “hassle” of their design process, the three developers started laughing and wondering, “Why do we always end up trying to create things we’ve never done before?” The collective answer turned out to be that,

It’s just that there’s no point in imitating something that’s already been done. In the end we end up trying new things [that start] with us excited because it’s new… We want to do weird things, in a good way.

What excites us as players split head is the new mix between action and horror that the game brings. Toyama went on to say that the game “spans multiple genres where horror is expressed.” This great gender diversity will also be found in sitterhead fight. Okura explained that there will be “elements that many players are already experienced with…[but also something] to surprise the players by discovering them”.

With a third person camera, it can take multiple POVs,”[a] focus on entertainment”, and a theme, “on the conflict of the mind”, split head seems like an interesting first Bokeh title. Part two of the studio’s Q&A is set to be released this week, so check back here for more details soon.


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