Bring It On The Producers Of The Allegedly Blackfished Movie In The Trailer


Gabrielle Union, who played the leader of the black cheerleader team the Clovers in Bring it on, claims the producers tried to trick people into thinking that the film’s black characters had a bigger role in the story than they actually had.

If you’ve seen the movie, you can probably tell that none of the scenes from the Slice of Life with the Shamrocks in the trailer below are in the actual movie. And according to Union, they were never meant to be.

In a recent video from TikTok, she claims that she and the film’s other black stars were called back to set after production ended to film additional scenes for the trailer after audiences said they wanted to see more. of clovers in the movie.

“We shot them for the trailer, not for the movie, to make people think we were more in the movie than we were,” she said.


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If that’s true, that’s pretty fkd if you think about it.

Of course, movie trailers often mislead us and tell a distorted summary of a movie to catch your interest, but something particularly upsetting is happening here.

Films from the early 2000s rarely had a black role. Black women were really only seen as sassy sidekicks like Regina Room in Horror movie. So, the perspective of Hollywood producers allegedly manipulating a black audience into thinking they are portrayed in a movie that actually follows a white cast is tragic.

As one person summed it up in the comments to Union’s video: “It’s kinda sad when you think about it.”

“I remember watching the movie and thinking that there were a lot of scenes missing,” said another.

One simply joked that this alleged story explains why the Bring it on the sequels seemed more “hip hop” than the first film.

Honestly, the best way to restore that is to do what several TikTokers suggest in the comments and reboot the franchise with a shamrock movie – starring Gabrielle Union’s character as the trainer, ofc.

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