Brooklyn Candle Studio owner says he avoids outside investment and still has a little leeway



Wherever possible, the company uses environmentally friendly materials to support the long-term quality of life of its staff, customers and community.

Although most candle companies outsource production, Brooklyn Candle Studio does everything in-house. A 15-person production team oversees a three-day casting, wicking, curing and packaging process. To meet demand, the company plans to move from its current 11,000 square foot space in Industry City to a 19,000 square foot facility within the complex.

Brooklyn Candle Studio does not work with many distributors because they charge a markup. Instead, it generates sales through word of mouth and at trade shows. The company also chooses not to work with outside investors, despite the interest.

“It gave us the freedom to come up with our own marketing initiatives without having to worry about meeting sales expectations,” Mayne said.

The company has no intention of becoming a massive corporation. By staying small, Mayne says, the company can do more for its employees, who receive bonuses and other perks.

“We could possibly consider selling the business if it makes sense, but not any time soon,” she said. “We’ve had offers, but we plan to develop it ourselves for some time.”

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