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“It didn’t start with me,” exclaims Brothers star and co-writer Billy Eichner about his breakthrough big-studio romantic comedy, which hits screens September 30 from Universal.

“It started with (director and co-writer) Nic Stoller, who is straight unfortunately, but there’s nothing he can do about it — he was born that way,” Eichner joked at Deadline’s studio in Toronto.

The duo, after working together on a series in 2017, began to hatch the idea of ​​a gay romantic comedy.

“He told me he wanted his next movie to be a romantic comedy, but he thought it would be cool if it was a gay couple because we don’t have many,” Eichner added.

And it was an equal profession: “I educated him on gay culture and he educated me on writing a screenplay”, adds the Billy in the street host.

The Judd Apatow-produced comedy, which makes its world premiere tonight at the Toronto Film Festival, echoes the comedy filmmaker’s previous comedic-centric films riffing on their respective personal lives, i.e. Amy Schumer in Castaway, and Pete Davidson in The King of Staten Island.

Eichner admits to having drawn on his personal life and that of his friends, but Brothers isn’t all auto-biopic.

It was of the utmost importance to honor these LGBTQ ancestors of entertainment in Brothers; creators and actors who were fearless at a time when that wasn’t common in Hollywood. Including Song of the Torch Trilogy playwright and comedian Harvey Fierstein, who appears in the film alongside Amanda Bearse who was absent in the early 90s. In addition, there is the new generation, as Eichner calls it, in performers like SNLis Bowen Yang.

“I think it’s important for those of us who are fortunate enough to be creating queer-centric content now in a very different time where there’s more room for it, that we take the time to acknowledge the real groundbreaking people who paved the way for all of this and Harvey tops the list with Torch Song Trilogy,“, said Eichner.

“It’s important that the film represents us all and takes the time to nod to past generations who had to innovate.”

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