Camera work: Arthur Elgort: In the open air


Arthur elgort was born in New York in 1940. As a teenager, he attended prestigious Stuyvesant High School, then studied painting at Hunter College. Very early on, he realizes that he wants to express himself artistically in a more diverse way and therefore decides to try his luck in photography. It became a passion and he found his true talent. Shortly after, in 1971, he made his debut in British “Vogue”. With this he has acquired a permanent place in the world of fashion photography, which he has greatly influenced during his 50-year career until the present day. Arthur Elgort brought a breath of fresh air to the staged and rigid studio shoots of the early 1970s. Channeling the ideas of the Impressionists, the former painting student encouraged his models to move freely, creating an instant aesthetic outside in the “real world” which was beyond the norm at the time. The exhibition at CAMERA WORK Gallery shows models alive with less makeup in natural light, portrayed by Arthur Elgort with his unique personal style.

Arthur Elgort on Kate Moss, Café Lipp, Paris, 1993

“Before filming started at the famous Lipp Café in Paris under the direction of famous fashion editor Anna Dello Russo, there was food. No one was allowed to order steak, saying it was too expensive. While everyone waited for the food, Kate Moss suggested going up to the table for a photo. After some initial uncertainty, everyone was finally excited and the famous photo was taken.

Arthur elgort

Until January 29, 2022


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