Camera work: Arthur Elgort


Until January 29, 2022, the CAMERA WORK gallery presents the exhibition “Arthur Elgort”, which, with more than 40 works, partly in large format, by the internationally renowned photographer, shows how he changed the style of fashion photography from the early 1970s. Arthur elgortfirst solo exhibition in Germany.

Arthur elgort (* 1940 in New York) attended Stuyvesant High School, then studied painting at Hunter College. Very early on, he realizes that he wants to express himself artistically in a more diverse way and therefore decides to try his luck in photography. It became a passion and he found his true talent. Shortly after, in 1971, he made his debut in British “Vogue”. With this he has acquired a permanent place in the world of fashion photography, which he has greatly influenced during his 50-year career until the present day.

Arthur Elgort brought a breath of fresh air to the staged and stark studio shoots of the early 1970s. Channeling the idea of ​​the Impressionists, the former painting student encouraged his models to move freely by creating an aesthetic instant outside in the “real world”. which was beyond the norm of the day. The exhibition shows models alive with less makeup in natural light, portrayed by Arthur Elgort with his unique personal style. Among them are world famous photographs of fashion icons and models such as Kate Moss, Christy Turlington, Helena Christensen, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Gia, Linda Evangelista and Beverly Johnson.

In addition to these iconic portraits, the exhibition provides a glimpse into Arthur Elgort’s versatility as a photo artist, in which context his passionate photographic work on classical ballet took place and in which intriguing portraits and The Rolling Stones and their singer Mick Jagger.

Arthur elgort

Until January 29, 2022


Kantstrae 149

10623 Berlin, Germany

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