CI Games SA: The internal team of the ‘Underdog Studio’ brand, following the success of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2



CI Games officially branded its in-house studio behind the hit Sniper Ghost Warrior (SGW) series: ‘Underdog Studio’. The new name comes after CI Games’ most successful year to date, which included the release of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, the fifth entry in the popular series. Eleven years after the inaugural game’s release, the series shows no signs of slowing down, with the latest entry significantly outpacing its predecessor – a 170% increase in digital sales in the first 10 days – and receiving the highest marks at this time. day.

As a small team, absolutely committed to improving its long-standing franchise, CI Games felt it was time for the in-house studio’s accomplishments to be represented with a name that lived up to their determination. Over the past eleven years, the development team has mainly focused on improving the SGW franchise so that one day it could compete with FPS titles from much bigger studios and were incredibly humbled by the strong reception at SGW 2 contracts.

The Underdog Studio team currently consists of 50 people, 68 percent of whom work at the CI Games headquarters in Warsaw, Poland. Passionate about SGW franchise, the developers have been dedicated to constantly refining the famous sniper experience, one example being the introduction of shooting over 1000m at extreme range – a feature long requested by the community.

Since the franchise’s initial release, the series has achieved steadily increasing Metacritic scores; Each new entry surpassed the previous one, with the latter getting an average score of 81 for the PlayStation 5 edition of the game, and an 84% user score on Steam for its PC version.

We chose the name Underdog Studio because we believe it perfectly captures the courageous spirit and hardworking attitude of the development team.,” noted Kenton Fletcher – Senior Creative Producer, Underdog Studio.

We’re not the biggest team right now, but we are a group full of talent and creativity, and we work extremely hard to produce titles that are way beyond our weight. We are extremely happy to open this new chapter in the studio’s history and look forward to reaching even higher quality standards in our upcoming titles,“said Fletcher.

The new name also marks a continued evolution of the studio, which plans to go further international to access top and diverse talent across Europe, through its highly successful remote working model, while continuing to expand its network of partners. of external development around the world. The Underdog Studio team are currently working hard to further improve their fan favorite sniper experience, and look forward to sharing more details in the future.

About Underdog Studio

Part of the CI Games family, Underdog Studio is the internal development team responsible for the success and long Sniper Ghost Warrior series. With a name that epitomizes the determination and hard-working attitude of the 50-strong crew, the team is predominantly spread across Europe, with a headquarters in Warsaw, Poland. As the SGW franchise continues to grow stronger with each new iteration, the Underdog team look forward to reaching even higher quality standards in their upcoming titles. For more information on Underdog Studio, please visit

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