Coffee Dye Ink Deal With New Studio Rare Earth


Coffee Stain Publishing has teamed up with Rare Earth, a new Vienna-based game studio. The studio is working on its first IP, led by industry veterans from Rockstar Games, Deep Silver, and other high-profile developers.

Rare Earth’s next IP has yet to be announced, but the cross-platform co-op action game will be backed by Coffee Stain’s impressive track record with some of the industry’s most acclaimed indie games including Valheim, Deep Rock Galactic and Satisfactory.

Rare Earth’s 20+ strong team based in Vienna is recruiting across the DACH region for its unannounced new project.

The partnership will see Coffee Stain return to the new, Vienna-based studio as it continues early development work on its debut project. Although Rare Earth’s new IP has yet to be announced, the upcoming cross-platform co-op action game will benefit from Coffee Stain’s impressive track record in supporting and publishing some of the most critically acclaimed indie games. , including Valheim, Deep Rock Galactic, and Satisfactory.

Rare Earth joins the Coffee Stain Publishing portfolio with a wealth of industry experience on its management team. The trio of co-founders Michael Borras, Peter Ehardt and Helmut Hutterer previously formed Socialspiel Entertainment and IMI studios, having first worked with Rockstar Games on a variety of projects including the Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne franchises.

Helmut Hutterer, Game Director and creator of Rare Earth’s next IP, will lead development with over 20 years of experience in game design and production, including as Deputy Director of Production at Rockstar Vienna and in as producer of the zombie classic Dead Island at Deep Silver.

Rare Earth was acquired by Amplifier Game Invest in August 2020, a sister company of Coffee Stain Publishing under the Embracer Group, making this the first time the independent publisher has partnered within the Embracer Group family.

With strong backing from Coffee Stain Publishing and Amplifier Game Invest behind Rare Earth, the developer is also looking to grow its staff of over 20 people, with several positions open to help the studio bring its ambitious project to life. Based in Vienna, Austria, a variety of positions are available across the company, particularly for developers in the DACH region.

Albert Säfström, CEO of Coffee Stain Publishing, commented: “Rare Earth is an exciting studio and we are delighted to work with them and help make their first IP an original and unforgettable work. Coffee Stain has a lot in common with Rare Earth, and that’s what we both appreciate in our gaming experiences, and that bodes well for the future.

Michael Borras, CEO of Rare Earth, added: “Even before joining the Embracer group, everyone at Rare Earth had a deep admiration for the care that Coffee Stain brings to all of its games and communities. We’re beyond excited to begin this journey with the team at Coffee Stain Publishing and can’t wait to show players what we’re up to together.

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