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Eight Colors Studio, a new animation studio, was established in Kochi Prefecture in July 2021. Eight Colors Studio launched as a hand-drawn animation with an emphasis on the use of digital technology. Colorido Studio founder Hideo Uda is the CEO of the new studio. Former deputy director of the studio Graphinica Nobuhiro Ito will participate in the board of directors of Eight Colors Studio.

Eight Colors Studio is named after Yairocho in Kochi Prefecture. Yairocho refers to the pitta fairy bird, or “the bird of eight colors”. The studio aims to create “beautiful works that fascinate people” like the pitta fairy.

Kochi Prefecture is striving to concentrate industries related to information technology and content. Eight Colors Studio will hold an information session on recruiting for digital animators in November. The studio works to combine the activities of creators and the creation of content from rural areas. The studio aims to give the creators of Kochi an active role at the local level. In the future, the studio plans to expand the production bases in the prefecture.

Eight Colors Studio worked on the final animation and the intermediate animation for the Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z lively.

Uda (pictured above) established Colorido Studio in 2011. Colorido Studio is known for cartoons such as Typhoon Noruda, Penguin Highway, and A mustache away. The studio worked on the animated short “Tattooine Rhapsody” in Lucasfilm‘s Star Wars: Visions anthology of animated short films and Pokémon: Twilight Wings series of net anime shorts. The studio also hosted the Burn the witch movie.

Graphinica replaced Ito by Nao Hirasawa as Managing Director in March 2020. Graphinica is known for his work in 3D CGI and photography in anime, including in Girls and Panzer, Expelled from paradise, Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas, Occultism; Nine, Granblue Fantasy Animation, The [email protected], and many other achievements. The studio produced the Jūni Taisen series with Avex Pictures, and again collaborated with the company to jointly launch the “Lighthouse line“in July 2018. Recent work by the company includes the Re: Scene! Dream days TV anime and Hi world Animation Film.

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