Cuphead DLC Soundtrack downloaded ad-free by Studio MDHR


Studio MDHR, the creators of 2017’s hit Cuphead, released their long-awaited DLC today: The Delicious Last Course. With it, they dropped a wonderful little surprise by releasing the full DLC soundtrack on YouTube, which you can listen to here. In the ad Tweeterthey said, “As a thank you to our wonderful Cuphead community, we’re making the Delicious Last Course soundtrack available NOW on our official YouTube channel – completely ad-free and in full!”


Cuphead’s soundtrack was highly praised, as well as almost every other aspect of the game. It was very good at capturing that frenetic old-school jazz style, which matched perfectly with the classic rubber-hose animation of the game. game. So it’s no wonder that this Studio MDHR move is such a pleasant surprise. Just recently, they released a making-of video of just a songs from the game, and it was received with a lot of praise.

The soundtrack is made up of exactly 30 tracks, each averaging around a few minutes long, and the entire video is just over an hour and ten minutes long. The number of tracks can give you a rough idea of ​​how many bosses the DLC will have, but don’t forget to consider intro and ending songs, as well as songs from around the world. As they said before, the description claims that the soundtrack was composed by over 110 musicians.

It’s quite nice to see an indie developer who has amassed such a massive and loyal fanbase to consistently show respect and appreciation for their players, by adopting these consumer-friendly practices. This DLC is currently priced at $8.00. It’s a reasonable fraction of the $20.00 price of the original, but it really could have been priced higher, and few would have batted an eye. Additionally, soundtracks with so much production value behind them are often sold separately, which they could have easily done as well.

They could still do so, but posting the whole thing on YouTube for everyone’s convenience, and Without advertising it shows that this is a studio that cares more than anything about the quality of the products they make and the satisfaction of their audience.

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