Cuphead Studio Director Reveals How The Game Got A Mii Suit In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


During the last years, Super Smash Bros UltimateThe player roster grew to include not only representation from Nintendo’s library, but also many other franchises that are part of gaming history. Characters on its core roster had third-party representatives like Capcom street fighter, with post-launch DLC also adding a variety of new characters. While full playable characters were added through these passes, other games ended up being represented in various other ways, such as Mii Fighter costumes.


There were 11 different Mii Fighter DLC costume packs for fans to purchase, across the two Fighter Pass DLC volumes that Super Smash Bros Ultimate received. Third-party AAA franchises like Character, dragon questand even Loss all ended up being represented in-game as a Mii costume, many of which are modeled after certain playable characters. Indie games were also represented, including Studio MDHR’s run-and-gunner Cupheadthe creators revealing how this partnership came about.

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In an interview with Nintendo Everything, Studio MDHR Director Maja Moldenhauer was asked about a variety of topics, including the game’s upcoming DLC. The delicious last dish. She also explained how Cuphead ended up as a Mii Fighter DLC costume in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, recalling that it was Nintendo who approached the studio for the collaboration. She notes that while it was pretty straightforward, the moment Nintendo emailed Studio MDHR and asked for a collaboration with them was a major milestone in their careers.

When asked how well the studio works with the developers of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Moldenhauer noted that many decisions were made at a higher level and that they did not directly speak with Masahiro Sakurai or his team when making the costume. She acknowledged that the team simply provided the art resources and reference materials to make Cuphead’s costume, and let the team do the work.

Whereas Super Smash Bros Ultimatefull-time development of ended towards the end of 2021, CupheadThe next DLC will be released later this month. The delicious last dish consists of concepts that have been left behind Cupheadafter the game’s release, with the same quality and polish that fans can expect from the base game. With regard to the future post-Cuphead‘s DLC, Moldenhauer notes that the studio’s next game will have an equally striking visual style for Cupheadrubber 2D animation style.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is now available exclusively on Nintendo Switch

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