Dave Grohl on Foo Fighters Studio 666’s new horror film


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl discussed the making of their upcoming comedy horror film, Studio 666. Set to hit the big screen next year on February 25, 2022, the film, now acquired by Open Road Films, was created by Open Road’s Tom Ortenberg with help from the group.

Studio 666 sees Grohl et co. battling supernatural forces inside an Encino mansion – the place where Foo Fighters recorded their tenth studio album, Medicine at midnight. Meanwhile, the peculiar events related to the studio’s former ghostly residents – a fictional band named Dream Window – end up threatening both the album’s completion and the band’s life.

Speaking of directing the film, Grohl told MOJO, “There’s no other band that’s stupid enough to do that. It’s absolutely crazy.”

He adds, “A few scenes, they’re so epic, man. Just when you think you couldn’t find anything more ridiculous … It’s going to really, really take your breath away.”

Directed by BJ McDonnell (who worked on the 2013 slasher Hatchet III and several Slayer videos), Studio 666 will undoubtedly be a tingling in the spine – although it also makes you laugh for a few moments. After all, the Foo Fighters are no strangers to theatrical comedy and have often tried their hand at acting (if that’s the word for it) in their chuckling music videos that have seen them don a mix of disguises, including Understood Grohl’s portrayal of an innocent young teen pigtail in 1999s Learn to fly and a mustached 70s goofball in the 2007s Long road to the ruin.

Although the group is keeping the plot of the new film a secret, Grohl does reveal a bit of the studio’s fictional supernatural inhabitants, Dream Window. “The singer went crazy,” he says, “and murdered his whole band because of creative differences.”

Studio 666 was on the verge of completion in early 2020, but the pandemic quickly derailed its progress. “We had shot most of the film,” explains the frontman of Foos. “All we had to film was basically the few end scenes. Then months and months went by. We would have meetings to discuss how we could possibly end this movie with all the new restrictions. and compliance.

“How are we going to get out of this?” So we came up with a plan and that six days of filming turned into about three weeks because of all the new regulations that are really slowing things down.

“We were one of the first productions in Los Angeles after the Covid thing. We did it safely and we got there.”

During the lockdown, a trailer was finalized, which inspired the group to go ahead and complete the film. “We watched that trailer,” Grohl comments, “and we were like,“ Holy shit. I mean, honestly, talking about way beyond anyone’s expectations … It’s a movie movie. We were all like, ‘Oh my god, let’s finish this’ “.

Alongside the Foo Fighters, Studio 666 will feature real actors Leslie Grossman from american horror story, Will Forte of Saturday Night Live and Jeff Garlin from Calm your enthusiasm.

Introducing the film in its first announcement, Grohl said, “After decades of ridiculous music videos and numerous musical documentaries under our belt, it was finally time to take it to the next level… A horror comedy feature film.

Like most Foo stuff, Studio 666 started with a wacky idea that turned into something bigger than we ever imagined possible. Shot in the same house where we recorded our last album Medicine at midnight (I told you this place is haunted!) we wanted to recapture the classic magic of all our favorite rock and roll movies, but with a twist: hilarious gore that rocks.

“And now, with the help of Tom Ortenberg and the team at Open Road Films, we can finally get this cat out of the bag after keeping it our best-kept secret for two years. Be prepared to laugh, scream and headbanger in your popcorn. Studio 666 is going to screw you up. “

While director BJ McDonnell said, “Studio 666 is a perfect combination of everything I love. Rock, horror and comedy all come together in one very exciting movie. I’m so excited to have made it team up with the Foo Fighters to create an old-school “band” movie.

“It’s been years since we’ve seen something like The Beatles ‘Help !, The Monkees’ Head, or Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park. Take that fun old school band movie from the ’60s /’ 70s, mix it up – it with horror and Studio 666 was born! I am so thrilled that the cinema and music audiences come together and enjoy our film. “

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