Deftones bassist Sergio Vega opens Reverb Shop for studio and touring gear


Sergio Vega – the bass guitar powerhouse behind Deftones and Quicksand – has teamed up with gear retailer Reverb to create an official online store, through which he will sell a range of gear used in the studio and on tour.

The store, which is live right now, is mostly populated with basses and related performance gear, much of which can be heard in the discography of Deftones and Quicksand.

A handful of guitar amps and a single acoustic guitar will also fill the Vega shop shelves, as will a number of tour posters, road-worn clothing and a second-hand wardrobe case. Vega.

Opening the virtual doors to his store, Vega commented, “This stuff is dear to me. I’ve been using these things for over 10 years with Quicksand and Deftones. These are things that I [used on] tours with Deftones around the world. [Gear that] I participated in writing sessions with whom I was in the studio.”

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Sergio Vega Guitar Hardware

Fender Jaguar Bass (Image credit: Reverb)
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Sergio Vega Guitar Hardware

Squier Bass VI (Image credit: Reverb)
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Sergio Vega Guitar Hardware

Mudguard CD32OAS (Image credit: Reverb)

In the instrument aisle, Vega has a suite of Fender Jaguar basses up for grabs. An instrument that Vega has collected with affection over the years, the Jaguar basses were his guitar of choice and helped him record “all of diamond eyes at ohm”, as well as Quicksand’s Interiors.

These are joined by a herd of Fender Squier Bass VIs, which have been “loved” and “meticulously maintained” by Vega and his many technicians over the years.

Elsewhere, a Fender CD32OAS acoustic is the only non-bass six-string found in the shop.

Other store highlights include a dual Fractal Ax Fx-II and Ax Fx-II XL+ setup, complete with labeled Fractal foot controllers. The modeling gear was used extensively in both Vega bands and still contains the presets that were used on Deftones songs such as diamond eyes, Fighting spirit and Storm.

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Sergio Vega Guitar Hardware

Fractal Axe-Fx II (Image credit: Reverb)
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Sergio Vega Guitar Hardware

Orange Terror Bass (Image credit: Reverb)
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Sergio Vega Guitar Hardware

Ampeg SVT-VR (Image credit: Reverb)
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Sergio Vega Guitar Hardware

MXR Bass Octave Deluxe (Image credit: Reverb)

“They still contain all my presets and patches over the years,” Vega explained. “They encompass everything: my live patches, my recording patches, so you’ll be able to see the differences between them.”

An Orange Terror Bass amp head, two Orange OB1-500s and a pair of Ampeg SVT-VRs are also on the bill, along with a range of Akai MIDI keyboards and Yamaha HS50M monitoring speakers.

In the effects pedal department, Vega sells a trio of volume pedals – a Dunlop Volume X and two Ernie Ball VP Jrs – as well as a Fender MTG Tube Distortion, a Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor and an MXR Bass Octave Deluxe.

A variety of extras – such as EMG active bass pickups, Dunlop bass strings and an MXR Iso-Brick bottom bracket power supply – are also on sale.

To find out more, visit the Sergio Vega Reverb Shop.

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